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    Originally posted by PowerTryp View Post
    I'll figure out the power issue and then next week when I get the hose, we should have fire. Catch you all then.
    Whoops, sorry guys. Next week turned into a few months didnít it? Anyway, I did get the little green blob running and drove it a little bit. Sadly, I wasnít able to do anything with it registration wise this summer so it basically sat around waiting and now that itís snowing here itís going to be put into storage for the winter. Have no fear though, next summer I get to just get in and fire it up.
    In the meantime Iíve had the opportunity to expand my collection. Rapidly. Enter the stereotype:

    Just over a month ago another 924 enthusiast who lives in Vancouver gave me a call about a red car for sale in Edmonton and if I was in contact with the seller as he had gotten the old standby ďIíve got a bunch of calls coming in on this carĒ line. Long story short, he bought the car sight unseen in another province, fourteen hours away from him. Except now he had a problem, the car runs but it smokes bad and who knows what the rest of the maintenance was like. So he waffled on driving it back or renting a trailer or plan after plan after plan until we decided that heís going to take some of the more expensive higher dollar value items from it and Iíll buy the rolling chassis from him as I should have what I need to put it all back together and put it on the road again.

    So I pulled a trailer up to Edmonton and after about six hours of wrenching and $700.00 later I was pulling an early ďanniversaryĒ present home for my girlfriend although, I was likely more excited about it than she was. So that put me up to three of these cars in my possession.
    But I have a sickness in me now much like you see guys with AE86ís get. I found a twin to my original car, it didnít live such a nice life:

    Now, every car in every enthusiast group has its holy grail. These cars have a couple depending on who you talk to and I feel like I hit the jackpot in buying this car.

    Back in the 80ís plenty of cars were produced that had solid moveable or removable roof panels. This was seen from high end marques such as Ferrari and Porsche and was imitated by Mazda on its RX7 Targa edition. However the 80ís also saw the rise in popularity of the glass sunroof which opened up a market for a company called Saratoga Sunroof corp. They made glass and lexan replacements for pretty well every Porsche, Ferrari and some other cars although it doesnít seem like anybody else cares as much as the 924/944 guys do.

    That wasnít the only win for me though, the cam and followers look awesome and although there is significant carbon buildup on the chamber side of the head itís nothing a cleaning canít take care of.

    Suffice to say, this car is getting dismantled and its sacrifice will allow others to continue living. It did puke itís guts out all over the shop floor and Iím afraid at this point itís terminal.

    So thatís my update, there will be more to come as Iím not quite done telling the story of my parts car and there will be much news on the red car.


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      Because my last post was fairly long winded, I cut it a little short but I want to share the somewhat beyond ordinary circumstances that lead me into possession of this most recent green car. It was October 13th and I was sitting at work perusing Kijiji as I will when itís less busy and decided to punch 924 into the search bar wholly expecting to see nothing new. Much to my surprise, there was an ad for this car, in it, a couple pictures that betrayed its rough exterior and a couple key statements.

      Car does not roll

      Will not part.

      Open to reasonable offer.

      Holy crap! So either special equipment or something more creative is required to get this gone and heís not willing to separate it on his own. Obviously, I message him and we go back and forth a couple times till I drop a sight unseen offer and a request to come see the thing. Of course, he doesnít answer till the next day! And even then he didnít acknowledge my offer, he just accepts the time to look at it. This brings us to Saturday, but because this is getting wordy hereís a shop cat trapped because he was napping in the car while it was being lifted.

      Saturday ended up being a full day before I added ďlook at PorscheĒ to the list but it was totally worth it. After picking up a vintage fridge and stove for free we roll up to the sellerís house and instantly I know Iím going to like the guy. Out front is a VW Type 3 fastback and inside his garage is a primer coated Type 2 bus. After chatting for a bit we came to an agreement of $100 more than my initial offer and I had to take it the next day.

      So now I have work to do. My secret weapon is the fact that I have a complete four lug setup that will bolt on in place of the five lug stuff. Get all of that set up, borrow a friend for a few hours and like an episode of Roadkill we have a car.

      Tuesday I made this happen

      And yesterday after a whole week of wrenching it looked like this,

      Finally, how do we get rid of a car with no wheels, engine, suspension or basically anything else that makes it a car? Answer, skid steer.

      Sound warning:

      Thanks for reading, come back again for more at a later date as I have lots to do.


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        Hey guys, long time no talk! Sorry for the lack of updates but it's been a cooooold one here in Canada this winter and my garage is not insulated which means NOTHING has gotten done on my car all winter. Thankfully, it's warming up so you should see some updates fairly soon along with a new thread on something a little different.

        I'm posting today because Shannons Insurance in Australia is continuing to pump out their videos and the one they just released is on the 4 cylinder transaxle cars. Sadly they lumped them all together but that is one of the hazzards of loving these.

        Enjoy, and keep your eyes open for more coming soonish maybe.


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          Thanks to all two of you who keep on checking in, I promise that I'm still alive. The past year and a half has been quite the whirlwind with getting rid of a girlfriend and then finding another, picking up a property to manage and all the general other things being a part of a family farm can entail. I will have some exciting news to share come April but until then I shall drop a teaser image.


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            Alright! April vacation brings sweet new parts! I drove over ten hours in order to deliver an NA hood to my friend in Vancouver and pick up some sweet sweet goodies. The first of which I teased back in February (crap I didn't think it was that long ago...)

            But the real goody was a performance built motor! It was originally built back in the mid 2000's but so far it looks like its perfect. I'll spec this out out right after you look at this picture.

            This engine is a solid build that started with custom JE Pistons in the bottom end. Up top there are stainless steel valves with brand new cam followers and a brand new Integral cam which is crazy to have because integral cams is a defunct company. Mating the top to the bottom is a set of raceware head studs that were originally meant for a Ford Cosworth YB engine but long time members of the 924 community figured out would work for our application as well. ARP makes a set too but back when this engine was built they were the only option known.

            It's still got the original peanut butter (assembly lube) on it! Now the engine turns over nicely and I haven't had a chance to pull the oil pan to inspect the bottom end but I will be doing a partial disassembly just to inspect some areas since it has sat for so long. Of course its crazy but I have all the documentation from the build of this engine in a folder from the shop that put it together.

            I am so excited to get these pieces cleaned up, set up and into a car so i can enjoy them! Tomorrow I have more news and will be starting another topic on a different car altogether. 2018 will be the year of the car project if it will just stop snowing here but until then I get to keep collecting pieces.

            Cheers to you my fellow car geeks!