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  • So, plans have changed, again....
    The 4G63 I got, wound up being a 4G61T. But that's ok it was in a trade deal.
    So instead of a 2.0L of around 350hp, it's going to be a 1.6L with around 250hp. Which is ok for this car. It should be a fairly efficient powerplant capable of decent power with a high redline.
    With my gearing, shifting at 7500 is reasonable.
    Now that I have all the hardware, my build is consisting of:
    4G61T 1.6L Block, Crank, Stock Rods, Stock 8:1 Pistons.
    2G Ported cylinder head w/ Crower springs and retainers, revised lifters, 1mm over valves, HKS 272 Cams w/ adjustable gears
    Evo 8 port matched intake manifold w/ 60mm 1G TB
    1050cc FIC Injectors
    Top mount tubular exhaust manifold
    Evo 3 Big 16G Turbo
    Front mount intercooler w/ 2.5" piping and HKS SSQV BOV
    2.5" Exhaust
    Chrysler Baby TF904 transmission w/ Transgo shiftkit
    Stock Arrow Torque Converter

    With the shorter deck height of the 4g61, the cam timing was 3-4 off. After dialing everything in with a degree wheel, It's looking good. I need to get the crank trigger mounted, then the rear main seal and oil pan on, and it'll be ready to set it in the bay.
    Also, the CR-z got some attention.


    • The motor is bolted in.
      Now the easy part...