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Lancer Evo III problems

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  • Lancer Evo III problems

    Hello! I recently bought a used, right-hand drive 1995 Lancer Evo III and have been enjoying it for the past month or so. This weekend, I was working on the engine bay and noticed something. The metal was badly rusted, and, upon further inspection, I found that most of the internal body panels and some of the exterior ones were also badly rusted. I kept it in my garage for about 3 days, trying to decide what to do, and yesterday I tried to start it up. It did start, but a bunch of white smoke started coming from the engine. I don't know what to do. Is there some way to repair the rusted panels? Do I have to replace them? What's wrong with my engine? Don't know if this goes here, but I need some help. Thank you all!