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1981 Mitsubishi L200 restoration.

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  • 1981 Mitsubishi L200 restoration.

    Hi everyone!
    My name is Nacho (shorten for Ignacio) and i'm next to acquire a 1981 mitsubishi L200.
    The story goes like this. I drive a 2007 VW gol, but i have to sell it in order to buy my own house (oportunity has come so bye bye rent). So i was looking to buy a cheaper car to keep a mean of transportation. My dad is a mechanic and i've always been around cars. He bought this truck some time ago to help my uncle (he had to sell his car due to medical issues). The L200 first came with the camshaft broken, he repaired and the truck was ready to use. My uncle now is unable to drive due his condition so the truck is kept in my late grandfather's garage. Last weekend we went to that house, wich is located in a town about 80 km from my home city.
    The truck's body is not in the best shape, but it has all the original paintjob. Seats and door panels are in really good shape and the engine is running wonderfully.
    As it was in my grandfathers town, i've never lay eyes on it until this last weekend. It was love at fist sight. Can't wait to next weekend to see her again, clean her and start to see whats going on.
    Leave you some pics i took... There are not the best but... I'll keep posting as long the project gets in motion...
    It will be a loooong time to leave her like i imagine, cause with all this plans i dont have a lot of extra money to spend but... Let's see what we can do.

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    leave you some more pics from last weeekend wash.