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1971 Mazda 616 Build

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    Re: 1971 Mazda 616 Build

    Wow looking good! What a great Capella I really like the end result. 8)
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      Hey guys. am I allowed to revive this thread? I purchased the car last year and quite a bit has changed and would like to keep this going


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        Please do! Im sure all the users would be keen to see what has happened in the past 5 years!


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          yes post pics.

          i only saw this thread for the first time yesterday. Very suprised the previous owner rebuilt the piston motor. such a strange choice in the mazda world.


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            ok guys so heres some photos. i need to get the photos of the transplant from my old phone.

            This is what the car looked like when I got it

            So basically the story is I bought the car last year and drove it for about a month. The timing chain decided to snap on me during traffic and thats the day I decided I had to make the change. Rotaries are generally hard to come by here but I was lucky to find a running 12a ( I opted to go period correct) from a capella.

            Had to get a few goodies to get the motor to fit but not long after it was in.

            While that was going on I got a center console , changed the cluster to a rx2 one and got a radio from spoonedEg9ferio. ( the cetner console was cleaned and looks better than the pic.)

            Fast forward a bit and the motor is in a running. ( need to find the build pics). I had to replace the water pump and the exhaust.

            This is what the car looks like now. Things ive done: change the wheels ( temporary) added a capella badge on the side, refurbed some anterlope ones, cut in new front reflectors as we never got this style here and got new rubbers for the windows.

            Plans from here: fit the coil overs, fender mirros and lip. Im currently waiting on my wheels.
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              Hi there. I'm also here in SA. Do you still have this car? Would love to steal that head from you


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                If I remember correctly I still have an extra head at home...