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929/Luce/Rx4 - custom sedan and pointy nose

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  • 929/Luce/Rx4 - custom sedan and pointy nose

    I have a question regarding the front of Mazda Luce LA2 series I. As I understand, there are two types of fronts - one more ‘pointy’, available on all coupes and custom sedans and more square-ish one, available on ‘normal’ sedans and wagons, at least on the export markets (outside of Japan or LHD markets?)

    I'm looking to buy my dream Luce but I really want the ‘pointy’ one. Since I might not be able to find a coupe, I'm equally interested in a wagon or a sedan. I saw pictures of those with the ‘pointy’ fronts which where LHD.

    This brings my main question - is it ‘only’ the pointy hood and front bumper that makes the difference? Or is the front grill of a different shape too?
    I found a sedan available in Europe, but it seems to be the ‘normal’ sedan. I'm therefore wondering if eventually (after fitting 13B into it ), I could ‘simply’ replace the hood and front bumper to achieve the pointy nose?

    Here's the link to the car in question, the angle is a bit funny, but correctly if I'm wrong - it has the square-ish front not the pointy one..

    Thanks in advance for your help.

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    I think I found out an answer to my very own question on the ausrotary forum...the conversion should be possible.


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      Both the grill and bumper are different on the pointy model