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Just bought an '81 626/Capella have some questions.

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  • Just bought an '81 626/Capella have some questions.

    After my first 2 cars being muscle cars, ive finally got myself into something small, light, rwd, manual, and japanese. Ive been loving it a lot and its nice to have something fun while still being practical.

    I have a few questions though...

    First up the car has an issue, where under heavy acceleration load its as if I can give the car more throttle but it will stay at around 60/70% this is most common if I totally lay into it quickly, but not if I edge on it slowly. The car does not bog, hesitate or stutter, its literally exactly like the car is running out of spark or not advancing the timing or something. when I got the car it was a true survivor, totally stock except for the belt off the air pump, still had the original cap, rotor, ignition coil etc and ran fine. I did not have the money to buy the coil to but I did the plugs, plug wires, cap, rotor, the plugs were gapped very wrong and after doing all that it seems to be better but not perfect, im buying a new coil this payday on the 15th. Im leaning towards weak spark or possible a problem with the system this car has that limits the ignition advance until the engine is warmed up this runs off a sensor switch in the bottom of the rad, different from the temp sensor on the top of the engine (ive noticed the temp gauge always reads very low)

    The other thing ive been told the suspension and underpinning are all the same as an SA RX7, is this true? Will RX7 suspension parts bolt right in, also is the rear end the same? can i swap in an RX7 rear with an LSD and short gears?

    Im also looking for a set of 80s japanese wheels or old rx7 limited edition mesh wheels in 4x110

    Also this is probably impossible but does anyone know where I can locate a TRW front air dam and rear spoiler or something similar for this car?

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    These have the same rear end as a capella pretty much, i think they have smaller axles than the rx7s though im not sure.

    I just bought the chrome bumper 79 626 , ill have a look and let you know what they have.

    Even though its the plastic bumper model, you are lucky to find a coupe. Pretty rare these days.
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      [ATTACH=CONFIG]n296517[/ATTACH] Thank you very much I like the car very much and it is very strong mechanically only 185000 km. I found a set of mesh rx7 wheels locally and am excited to do a bit of suspenion and engine work while keeping it period

      I have another question does anyone know where this vacuum hose goes noticed it unhooked when I went to adjust my idle to the workshop manual specs it goes from the air control valve closest to the air cleaner snorkel to up by the carb maybe it's the source

      Edit: dont know why the photos came out so tiny ill have to take new ones give me a bit!
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        Let's try again!


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          Sent you a PM. Also, your pics are too small so really can't see what is going on.


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            For some reason this site really doesnt like my phonwe