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  • 10/10/2017

    Nakamae Aluminium Door Locks
    I finally got around to installing the Nakamae door locks. I had initially wanted to wait till I removed my dash and carpet and strip the car back before installing them but since the interior was coming together nicely, I thought why not. KG Works also have something which look very similar to the Nakamae door locks but they differ in that they come in parts and need to be assembled with your original locking mechanism, meaning you need to DIY the parts with what they provide you, the door lock slider itself is a different shape and doesn't resemble the OEM lock slider and finally, they're made of plastic and is chrome dipped. Although the door handles physically look identical, the fact that they are plastic and too "blingy" as a result of them being chrome dipped was enough for me to look for alternatives.

    The Nakamae door locks are 100% full replacements for the OEM locks, are made of aluminium which gives it a more brushed look and nicer heavier feel and has perfect fit and finish. I managed to score the very last Nakamae door lock set for the NA MX-5 right before they were discontinued so I got pretty lucky. I also went ahead and got a pair of brand new OEM Mazda door cups. Mine had a hairline crack on both left and right cups so I thought this would be a good time to swap them out.

    Nakamae replacement door locks.

    OEM VS Nakamae.

    Removing the door panel to gain access to the locking mechanism. You can see that the handle is also a bit scuffed.

    Very easy install. Just pop these two tabs holding the wires which control the door lock and the door opening latch.

    Comparison. FYI there is a specific lock for both the left and right door, denoted by "L" amd "R" on the lock.

    Replacement OEM door cups.

    Installed. Looks much better.

    Also went ahead and put heatshrink on the ends of the spade connectors which go into the relay for the Hella horns. Ran out of heatshrink last time so thought it was a good idea to atmosphere-proof them.

    Next to install : 93LE speaker grilles. Need to get the doorcards updated first...


    • 14/10/2017

      Got some new floor mats from CocoMats to replace the temporary eBay mats I've had in my car for two years. When I first received them, the driver side didn't fit properly and the heel rest pad was stitched on slightly crooked, but after an email informing them of the error, they were very apologetic and sent me out a replacement drivers side mat. I had to draw up a template and send it off to them so that they can make the mat to fit my car.

      I have to say that although the initial purchase wasn't 100%, the after sales support and the fact that they kept in touch and replied to my emails within a day or less really impressed me and made this whole ordeal go much smoother than expected. I wouldn't hesitate to buy again and I'd highly recommend it to any of my friends who were looking for replacement floor mats for their vehicle.

      CocoMats that I ordered. Passenger side was great. Driver side didn't fit. The cutout for the footrest was wrong.

      The old "temporary" floor mats that I bought from an Australian seller on eBay that lasted me two years and which came up as "tan" when purchasing but in reality, a light beige.

      Hard to tell but the heel rest pad had to be shoved under the footrest pedal to get the driver side to fit. Not only that, the heel rest pad wasn't stitched on straight. It was slightly crooked.

      Heel pad way too big and spanned the entire width of the mat.

      The original CocoMat I received on the left VS the replacement CocoMat I received after they used my template to create the mat. Notice the heel pad is now straight.

      Fits like a glove. Super happy and very impressed with overall quality and customer service.

      Also swapped out the left and right door strikers for a brand new set that I received as a gift from a friend who had recently sold his NA. He was going to put them on his car but he had no use for them as he doesn't own an MX-5 anymore. My passenger side door always needed a little bit more force for it to close and I'm not exactly sure why. Driver side has always been fine but after I swapped the strikers out, the passenger door now closes very easily. A gentle push and it's closed. It could have been that the original striker was sitting slightly too high or too low perhaps? There were nothing wrong with the old ones aside from the fact that they were oxidised a bit.

      OEM door striker. Nothing wrong with it aside from slight oxidisation.

      New striker on top and old striker on the bottom.

      OEM freshness.


      To be honest, I wanted to work on the engine today by taking off the rocker cover, take out the camshafts and give the hydraulic lifters a good service and clean. Even though my car doesn't have the hydraulic lifter tick noise, it's something which will need tending to eventually. I also wanted to take the intake manifold off to replace two auxiliary coolant hoses. They can be accessed without taking the manifold off but I think it may be easier this way. With all that said, I decided to leave all that for another day, replace these door strikers and just watch the 2017 World Time Attack Challenge on live stream which was on at Sydney Motorsport Park this weekend. Lots of cool cars, including the RE Amemiya GT300 FD RX7 and my personal favourite, the Mazda 767B. Keiichi Tsuchiya also brought along his Hot Version TRD N2 AE86 and was one of the judges for the drift event.

      Here's a little teaser photo from yesterday. Mazda 767B being warmed up to go out on the track and in the background, the Drift King himself Keiichi Tsuchiya with the Hot Version AE86. SO much awesomeness in one photo :


      • hi

        indeed so much awsumness in this last pic of yours, 767 B and at background Drift king & his AE... makes me drool where was this pic shot just curious
        cheers oh and congrats on your 96, love your late upgrades alll in subtle details