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1996 na8c mx-5

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    Practice shots on the Canon 50mm L lens...


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      Nice car and nice photography 😎


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        Driving through Old Pacific Highway. I love coming here on the weekends and tackling corner after corner on the blacktop. It gives me an escape and it's where you can just drive for the sheer love of driving. Not only that, you always see cool bikes and amazing cars on this road. This particular day there was a silver 240Z following me; a car which I intend to purchase as a new project hopefully sooner rather than later. It was a lot of fun going through the twisties with the 240Z right behind me.

        Gorgeous blue skies, suns out, no clouds, top down, gloves on, music off...and just drive...

        Many thanks to Q Stop Photography for these photos!


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          Looks good mate


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            Went on a drive with Dan in his supercharged NA6CE MX-5 to Lithgow via Bells Line of Road. Sydney's been having some amazing weather and I have been taking full advantage of this where and when I can!

            Bells Line is a nice bit of road to drive but I never really had a destination. You can take this road and travel all the way to Bathurst and to Mount Panorama and the race track if you really wanted to but thats a good 2.5 hours. SO whenever I'd drive on Bells Line I'd normally make it to just before Mt Wilson and then turn around and go back. But this time, Dan's friend opened up a cafe in Lithgow so it was nice to drive the length of the road all the way there and then drive all the way back again. Top down, of course!

            Pit stop on Bells Line of Road.

            Stopped by at Mt Wilson before heading back.

            This place looks better in Autumn as all the leaves are still on the trees and are bright red, but it still had a charm about it!

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