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    KG Works Chrome Washer Nozzles
    The OEM plastic nozzles were stuffed and the jets I think got clogged. Not only that, the plastic pipes from the water pump on the NoPro connecting the nozzles were old, faded and in some places, kinked. Decided to change the hoses to new plastic PVC pipes.

    The install was pretty simple. Just needed a long nose plier to get the old washer nozzles off. At most it was a 30 minute job. I had thought about getting the fluidic nozzles but I liked the chrome from these KG Works ones as it will go with the overall theme of the car.

    Old nozzle.

    New KG Works Chrome washer nozzles installed.

    ZOOM Engineering Eunos Lotus Emblem
    Got this emblem for the front to replace the Mazda flame logo on the bumper. I think it looks pretty cool and goes well with the BRG.

    Eunos Lotus emblem.

    What it will be replacing.

    Residue double stick tape and holes from the emblem.


    Nielex Fuse Box Sticker
    Bought this from REV9 as the OEM sticker had lost its adhesiveness over the years. However, it appears that there may have been some JDM engrish printed on these stickers. Unfortunate, but what can you do?

    OEM Fuse Box Sticker.

    Nielex Fuse Box Sticker. JDM Engrish included as a bonus.

    Have also made a few purchases lately, largely from Yahoo Japan.

    To go with my RS Watanabe Type B's, I decided to buy the supporting hardware for them.

    RS Watanabe Lug Nuts (12x1.5 pitch)

    RS Watanabe Valve Stems

    RS Watanabe 63mm Centre Caps

    Beatrush Rear Strut Brace

    JDM Eunos Roadster Sunglass Holder (Thanks to 91BRG and NotableGuest)

    Should be coming in soon hopefully.
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      Beatrush Radiator Cooling Panel
      Installed the Beatrush/Laile radiator cooling panel. Very straight forward install, much like everything else on the MX-5, which you gotta love! I think the NA8 came with a factory cooling panel, if you can even call it that. It's just a flimsy piece of rubber/plastic. Not sure how much more benefit the Beatrush cooling panel will give but if nothing else, it looks awesome!

      Beatrush panel ready to be installed.


      ...and after.

      Also installed this chrome ventilation pipe which I purchased from Mazda spare parts via Amayama (along with many other spares). The NA8 came with just a rubber hose bent in the shape of this pipe but I liked the look of this more, and since I had a spare rubber hose, I cut it up and made it fit. I think it looks pretty neat.

      Engine bay as it currently stands.

      ZOOM Engineering Amber Side Indicators
      Purchased these side indicators because I really love how they look. It integrates so well with the ZOOM retro fuel filler lid and coupled with the Runabout M2 mirrors, it gives a retro vibe to the car. Since my car is a BRG, I'm wanting to take it down that route. Install was pretty easy, but I did have to cut the stock wiring.

      ZOOM side indicators with wire splicers included in the kit.

      Stock side indicators currently on the vehicle.

      Wiring cut.

      Spliced into the stock wiring.

      End result.

      Arrive Mahogany Wood Handbrake Handle
      Unlike the NA6 BRG's, my NA8 never came with the wood handbrake handle, nor did it come with the Nardi wood steering wheel. These were two things that I really wanted my car to have. I have purchased the Nardi Classico 360mm Wood Steering wheel with black centres and am awaiting delivery. From what I'm told, this handbrake handle will match the wood from the Nardi. In the meantime, I decided to just install this.

      Arrive handbrake handle.

      Installed. I've also put in my JDM Eunos sunglass holder in place of the ashtray.

      Carbing DASH Foot Rest Pedal
      I purchased this item as I will be getting some sports pedals for the clutch, brake and accelerator but I'm a little disappointed to be honest. The pedal came with five screws for five holes but the three holes which are on the left side of the pedal have nothing to screw into as there are no exposed holes which can secure the pedal in place. Moreover, the remaining two holes don't require screws as it slots in to the exposed bolts which were holding the OEM foot rest pedal and then secured with the nuts.

      I installed it for the time being but it looks a bit odd. I might dremel it off, or just revert back to the OEM. Either way, it was done for looks only.

      Carbing DASH foot rest pedal.

      Installed. Notice how the left side isn't secure. I may dremel them off.

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        Forgot to post this photo before.

        Overnight parts from Japan.

        -Cusco Front Sway Bar (22mm)
        -Cusco Rear Sway Bar (16mm)
        -Beatrush Rear Strut Bar
        -Beatrush Radiator Cooling Panel
        -RS-Watanabe Lug Nuts (12x1.5 thread pitch)
        -RS-Watanabe Centre Caps (Black)
        -HKB Nardi Boss Kit
        -Runabout M2 Mirrors

        Cusco Front + Rear Sway Bars

        Beatrush Radiator Cooling Panel

        RS-Watanabe Lug Nuts

        RS-Watanabe Centre Caps

        Runabout M2 Mirrors

        Plus, got some spare second hand OEM parts such as HVAC with AC, AC fan blower and other misc items.

        Other parts which are en-route

        - MiataRoadster Short Shifter
        - Nardi Classico 360mm Wood Steering Wheel with Black Centre
        - Exedy Heavy Duty Clutch
        - Racing Beat Front and Rear Sway Bar End Links
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          Some close ups of my RS Watanabe's. Will be refurbing them with a company called Barrel Bros. These guys specialise in restoring wheels. Customers can bring in their wheels and have it repaired/restored to its former glory. Their specialty is old school vintage JDM wheels to be mounted on cars such as 240Z's, TA22 Celica's, AE86's and the like.

          Check out the piece written by my friend Kevin (who owns a Nissan Skyline Hakosuka) on Japanese Nostalgic Car blog. Click HERE.

          My wheels have some pretty bad gutter rash. The polish lip is no longer shiny and the centre old and tired. It's definitely seen better days.

          Plan is to have it completely stripped back, have the lips re-polished to a high shine, centres and barrels painted gold, finished off with RS-Watanabe valve stems, lug nuts and centre caps on some fresh Pirelli rubber.

          Hopefully this, along with lowering the car, will complete the exterior look I'm after.
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            MiataRoadster Short Shifter
            When I had purchased my NA8, I noticed that as I was driving, the left side of my leg would get really hot due to the temperature coming from the car. Dan (91-BRG) informed me that it was most likely my shifter duster cover was torn as well as the insulation probably having worn out. Sure enough, he was correct. When I was installing my gearshift boot, I noticed that the insulation was just a mess and sure enough there was a tear in the duster cover.

            After speaking to Dan, he suggested that if I plan to fix it (which I was), I might as well get the MiataRoadster short shift kit as it comes complete with new duster cover. Having a quick look on the website I realised just how complete this kit was. Not many kits these days come with OEM parts but this was one of them. I promptly messaged Bill at MiataRoadster, placed my order and within a few weeks, I had received my kit.

            Following a great comprehensive DIY install guide by Adam at RevLimiter (which you can find by clicking HERE), the install was very simple. The pictures really says it all.

            MiataRoadster Short Shifter kit with all the component parts.

            The old insulation and torn duster cover.

            The old shifter.

            New parts ready to be installed.

            Installed with brand new duster cover in place.

            I had also purchased some new OEM insulation from Mazda Spare Parts via Amayama.

            Went for a quick test drive.

            After installing the short shifter and going for a spin, the shifter throw is immediately noticeable. It feels so much nicer now with the shorter throw and the shifting feels more precise. Not only that, I'm glad that this kit came with the OEM dust cover. It feels like the most complete short shifter kit available for our MX5's as most only offer the short shifter itself and basically you re-use your existing parts. If you're thinking about getting a short shift kit, get this. You definitely will not be disappointed. It's probably my favourite mod to date.

            Many thanks to Dan (91-BRG) for the suggestion and to Bill at MiataRoadster for answering all my queries and for making a sublime short shifter for all of us.
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              Went for a small drive yesterday with a few mates. Dan's (91BRG) mate recently purchased an '89 NA6. Although it was in pretty bad shape when they picked it up, after a bit of TLC it came back to life along with a new soft top, new tyres and new brake pads. Plus, it was good opportunity to test out his new tyres as well as my new short shifter. Only thing I'll say is, I need to get a proper alignment and dial in some camber.

              Some photos. Few of them were taken by 91-BRG.

              First stop location.

              Porsche Boxter GTS.

              Second stop location. Cooling down.

              96-BRG NA8 and 91-BRG NA6.

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                Nardi Classico 360mm Wood Steering Wheel
                Unlike the NA6 BRG's, my NA8 never came with the wood handbrake handle, nor did it come with the Nardi wood steering wheel. These were two things that I really wanted my car to have. To replace my OEM Momo steering wheel (which is in great condition and feels fantastic) I purchased the Nardi Classico 360mm Wood Steering wheel just so that I could complete the retro/vintage look. I already installed the Arrive Mahogany Wood Handbrake Handle and this was the last piece of the interior puzzle (for now) to make it seem like an oldschool vintage British Roadster.

                Nardi steering wheel with component parts.

                In the process of removing the MOMO steering wheel.

                MOMO OEM boss which needed to be removed. Cluster also removed (see below).

                Steering wheel removed. Date stamp on the MOMO wheel.


                Feels very nice. The handle isn't as thick as the MOMO but I love how "complete" it looks now that it has the wooden steering wheel with matching wooden handbrake.

                I also took this opportunity to install some LED lights in my dash cluster. Since the steering wheel was off, it was much easier to remove the dash cluster and cover. I'm going to have to remove it again later on anyway when I get my RS Products retro dash face with new dials but decided to do it anyway. Now it has white LED's which makes the needles glow white, and is overall much brighter.

                Next to be installed :
                - Runabout M2 Mirrors

                Currently awaiting on :
                - Ohlins Coilovers
                - RS Watanabes refurbed to polished lip + Gold centres
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                  Runabout M2 Mirrors
                  Decided to install the Runabout M2 Mirrors I had bought from YJA. I've always liked these mirrors and it goes with the retro theme I'm going with, but have been told by many that visibility is quite poor due to the size of the mirrors compared to the large OEM ones. However, it's all for looks, right? Install was very simple and straight forward but unlike the NA6, I had to take my door cards off to unplug the power mirrors. Was easy enough though!

                  Runabout M2 Mirrors.

                  Door cards removed to unplug power mirrors.


                  Visibility is, as mentioned previously, not the greatest. But, I'm stoked now that these are installed. It's going to look awesome once I get my Watanabe's on and coilovers installed.

                  Speaking of Watanabe's, I mentioned previously that I would be getting them refurbed by Barrel Bros. Well, I had dropped them off yesterday and got a message from Mark, who is looking after my set. The wheels will be fully refurbed, with lips polished, gutter rashes repaired, and centers painted gold. Here is the teaser photo I received from him. They've been "stripped down to its undies" according to him.

                  Their workshop really is worth a visit. They had some pretty rare and old school JDM wheels, of which were either for sale, or were in the process of being refurbed for a customer.

                  Also, going to be installing this very soon. RS Products Classic Meter Panel Type-1. Will need to order matching gauge faces soon. Looking at the Type-RS Gauge face.

                  Next to be installed :
                  - ARC Intake Chamber
                  - ARC Super Induction Box
                  - ARC Replacement Air Filter
                  - RS Products Classic Meter Panel Type-1

                  Currently awaiting on :
                  - Ohlins Coilovers
                  - RS Watanabes refurbed to polished lip + Gold centres
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                    Mark from Barrel Bros sent me a few more photos! He works fast!

                    Gutter rashes re-welded.

                    Let the polishing begin!

                    In progress...

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                      Went for a Sunday cruise yesterday with a few friends. A friend of mine had started a Sunday Morning Drive group where once a month on a Sunday, we go for a small drive and since starting it last year, the numbers have grown. It's not limited to a specific make or model of car either. Anyone can bring anything along and as a result, you do have an eclectic mix of cars which is awesome.

                      Yesterdays drive was to the Hunter Valley, which is Sydney's wine country, or Napa Valley equivalent, just not as good haha! But, the drive there is around 190kms (120 miles) and about 180km worth is through the twisty stuff, which is always good!

                      Will be going to the next one too. Hopefully by then, I will have the Watanabe's and the Ohlins DFV's in!

                      8:30am meet up. Then the fun began. Here are some snaps.

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                        Part 2

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                          Some more progress on the Watanabes. Should be ready in another week or so!

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                            Received this, courtesy of Munky. Thanks again mate for a smooth and easy transaction! Will take very good care of them.

                            Wrapped and labeled with love. *Cue Charlie Puth/Wiz Khalifa : See You Again*

                            Contents inside! ARC Chamber and ARC induction box! Cannot wait to put this on my NA8!

                            Will be polishing it up first using some of the PIKAL metal polish that I got with my ZOOM retro fuel lid. Hoping to install this over the coming weekend!
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                              RS-Watanabe's fully refurbed and repaired, ready to be mounted! It will be accompanied by :
                              - RS-Watanabe Lug/Lock Nuts
                              - RS-Watanabe Valve Stems
                              - RS-Watanabe Centre Caps
                              - 185/60/R14 Tyres. (Not many options for this size in Australia, so will most likely go with Pirelli Cinturato P1's)

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                                Now that I got the RS-Watanabe's back, I can't wait to mount them with fresh rubber. Took some more photos and mocked up how it'd look once the wheels are on there for good.

                                Once again, cannot thank Mark at Barrel Bros enough. His quality, workmanship and attention to detail is second to none. He tried to match the gold paint as period correct as he could and even when it was painted, the first time around wasn't satisfactory so he stripped it all back and did it again, free of charge. I love people like him who take pride in their work and lets their workmanship speak for themselves. Will definitely be going back there for future wheel restorations.

                                He also gave me this bottle free of charge too. It's called the "Barrel Bros Lip Balm" and it was developed in house. Basically it's a wheel polish that leaves a nice wax and gloss over the polished lips. Has things inside which help protect the wheel from the brake dust as this is one of the major causes of wheel damage, aside from physical gutter rashes etc.

                                Closeup of Watanabe's and the finish. Spectacular to say the least. The lip is immaculate and the paint is spot on. It's the exact gold finish I was looking for.

                                Mark fit some brand new 90 degree bend valve stems in the Watanabes to make putting air in to the tyres a lot easier and one less way to avoid any unwanted scuffs on the lips from the air hose. Also complimentary. I can still revert to my RS Watanabe valve stems later on if I really want to but I kinda like this look. Very practical too.

                                Mock up of what it will look like.

                                Better lighting.

                                With the RS-Watanabe centre caps on.

                                Just needs a fresh set of 185/60/14 rubber and a drop from the Ohlins DFV's to get it sitting and handling right.
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