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    The centre console is cool I have the hand brake console as well but need painting and I need to make the tunnel mount brackets too.

    The sedan was really nice to drive and never missed a beat. It just need some brakes, 2 doors and just a little more poke.

    This car is probably more about like what I had in back in 1990. But it will be done a bit nicer with wiser brains. More of a street racer I think (not drag)


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      Panels painted just need to fit them up hope they match ok

      Started the engine bay wiring and dash wiring. I have to change some of it to suit the savanna dash. Console needs painting and make the brackets too.
      New radiator

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        Well epic fail

        Paint match is not even close so looks like I will start again and paint the whole thing. I'm not a fan of orange so looks like red or silver even could go Jewel green maybe.


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          Well that has to bloody suck balls. That is a long way off.
          I will admit that now reading your post it has wanted me to have a crack at my 808 project. Panels repaired and painted look so freaking good


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            It does but I stupidly thought it was going to match and i could just get on with it. So it's going to slow me up, I didn't want to paint the whole car at the moment, The car has lost some of its lines due to the paint thickness on the bonnet and nosecone. I want those lines back.
            The cars has been stitch/seam welded completely and some bits are very bad. Engine bay needs to be done too. Best thing is it was a race car and has basically no rust as it has been garaged all the time.


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              That does suck! When your finished with it, it'll be dope. I ran into a lot of setbacks like that, they were good learning lessons for me