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    The centre console is cool I have the hand brake console as well but need painting and I need to make the tunnel mount brackets too.

    The sedan was really nice to drive and never missed a beat. It just need some brakes, 2 doors and just a little more poke.

    This car is probably more about like what I had in back in 1990. But it will be done a bit nicer with wiser brains. More of a street racer I think (not drag)


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      Panels painted just need to fit them up hope they match ok

      Started the engine bay wiring and dash wiring. I have to change some of it to suit the savanna dash. Console needs painting and make the brackets too.
      New radiator

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        Well epic fail

        Paint match is not even close so looks like I will start again and paint the whole thing. I'm not a fan of orange so looks like red or silver even could go Jewel green maybe.

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          Well that has to bloody suck balls. That is a long way off.
          I will admit that now reading your post it has wanted me to have a crack at my 808 project. Panels repaired and painted look so freaking good


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            It does but I stupidly thought it was going to match and i could just get on with it. So it's going to slow me up, I didn't want to paint the whole car at the moment, The car has lost some of its lines due to the paint thickness on the bonnet and nosecone. I want those lines back.
            The cars has been stitch/seam welded completely and some bits are very bad. Engine bay needs to be done too. Best thing is it was a race car and has basically no rust as it has been garaged all the time.


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              That does suck! When your finished with it, it'll be dope. I ran into a lot of setbacks like that, they were good learning lessons for me


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                Well things change. I have now stripped the car back to paint the whole car now. I was keen to use all the Savanna stuff I have, even looked at changing the lower lip before I paint.
                Biggest problem is there is so many 808/rx3's that all look this way. My sedan was cool and a bit unique I think so it might be back to the stock Aussie spec.


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                  Recaro seats would look awesome trimmed in the original orange "Spectrum" material, for that totally period correct 70s look.
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                    Yes they are cool and would suit the orange for sure. Problem is the car will not be orange when it gets back next week.

                    Well a small update. I pressed in some Mazda race bearings to some rotors and put together a crank. Drop the assembly off to be balanced, should be back soon. Just need to fill the side plates and get them machined, touch up the housing where the PP inserts are and make the exhaust port a little bigger.

                    The lens on the gauges was a bit cloudy so I picked this up on eBay looks heaps better now.

                    Painted some tail lights and have been cleaning all the parts for when the cat gets back from painting. Should go together quick.

                    Looking for some little clips that hold on the vent control knobs if anyone may have 2 spare.


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                      Your sedan build was a great read with awesome results can't wait to see this one done , well done great find !


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                        Been hot in the garage lately so made a new one of these.

                        As its way to hot at the moment the car can't be painted. Hope to get it back next week. Need to pick up some goodies from Dave and some parts for the blaster.


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                          what does the heat have to do with painting the car? slow hardener is used to paint cars in summer.
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                          Too many cars.


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                            Ha I think it's more about the human factor.


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                              I still find the Savanna stuff rare. I've only seen two cars in my state with one. Plus it's all personal choice. In the end the result will be the same, are you happy every time you hop in your beast and see those gauges looking back at you. I know mine isn't for everyone but I'm happy.

                              I'm sure what ever you choose will look sick.
                              I remember finding those springs for the vent knobs in other Mazda models like 626, 929 even the vans. May not be exactly same but would/will work. I used the ones that have the small screw in the bottom.
                              Keep the updates coming I'm enjoying yours and Daves updates. ✌
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                                Yes thanks for the comments. They actually inspire me to keep posting more photos. I guess sometimes just something little and be inspiring for other too.

                                To change dashes isn't a big deal and I know looking over at a round gauge centre console would put a smile on my face.

                                Today I went though a pile of window glass, trying to find the best ones. In the sedan I put brand new glass because I couldn't handle the scratched glass.

                                Kurt has sent me some of the little clips as that's pretty cool. Thanks