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Saving a rusty R100

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  • Saving a rusty R100

    Somehow another extremely rusty, close to death mazda has found its way to me.

    This R100 has been sitting close to the ocean in north queensland , unregistered since 1993. Its all there, i could not let this car get stripped for parts and sent to scrap.

    It was fitted with a piston engine from a 1200 possibly in the late 70s or early 80s, i made sure that went in the bin quick smart.

    more rust.

    The stripping has begun, more pics soon.
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    I purchased a mazda 1300 for rust sections. its an fa3 type 1300, but the pillars rails and sills are the same, and so are the lower quater panels, and parts of the boot floor.
    I also have a 1200 coupe shell on its way, that dosnt have front chassis rails, but has some coupe specific panel sections i need.

    without these wrecks i would have had a real hard time hand forming sections.

    same as my rx2 coupe, ill be working on this car every night after work, and every saturday and sunday all day till late without fail. regular pics and updates to come.
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      WOW on the subject spotted this rustbucket & wondered who in the world would take on such a project. God bless ye!


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        Well done for saving it, most would have walked away.
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          Wow that's a major.. good luck !


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            Beautiful! Nice save!
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              Dave - make a list of any panel sections you need if you like and if I have them on my stb or fa donor cars you can have them for free plus freight.
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                Thank you,
                let me see how the 1200 coupe is when it arrives, if theres anything i need ill let you know.

                Spent the weekend stripping the car, and revealing more and more rust. its a bare shell now, awaiting sandblasting.

                I had to unpick the top scuttle panel to be able to repair rust behind it.

                interior stripped

                im changing the driver side chassis rail, so the radiator support panel had to come off. its revealed more rust in the inner skirt behind the head light. ive got this peice from the 1300.

                ive sliced off the bottom of both quaters to allow the blaster to get right in there...

                rusty boot floor section.

                more pics next week once blasted..

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                  Jeepers I can't even imagine how that is saveable


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                    I get shivers down my spine looking at shells like that *eek* at least i'm confident its in the most capable hands in the business, will be keeping a close eye on this build.

                    Best of luck mate


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                      Wow that's one of the worst I've seen. Watching this space with great interest


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                        Originally posted by Mlracing View Post
                        Jeepers I can't even imagine how that is saveable

                        When i started my apprenticeship as a panel beater in 1992, a mangled BMW came in that looked like it had hit a pole doing about 200k an hour.
                        i said to my boss, thats not repairable is it?

                        he said, "Anything is repairable if you have the know how".
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                          Thanks Dave for taking the time to document your builds online for all of us to see. I love the "Anything is repairable if you have the know how" attitude.
                          I love to see cars being restored from a bad state. I've just watched many seasons of Graveyard Carz to see what happens to a 71'Cuda that looks pretty bad.

                          Pics of it...


                          The boys at Auto Metal Direct do a good job but they have new sheet metal to work with...a luxury you don't have.

                          I'm just wondering what are you doing on the Cosmo under he cover???
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                            The cosmo i had to rebuild the engine and get the car running and driving.

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                              Some serious hours awaits for that one
                              Respect Dave...