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Saving a rusty R100

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  • Ok see if these work.

    Got my dash back after 8 months.

    mucked around with the shifter position to make sure it all operates , before finalising the gear box mount.

    i unpicked the mounts off the rail and floor pan, and moved them to where the box now sits, instead of making up a new gearbox crossmember

    new tie rod ends, not R100, but RX2. had to machine up the new adjuster rod because the inner hole size is bigger.

    had to cut the sway bar link, and machine up new ones, old were frozen solid.

    New suspension stuff

    I decided to side mount the engine, i made up some brackets and used mazda 323 square mounts.

    next i want to sort out the ride height and make the extractors, plus mount radiator and oil cooler.

    climate change is fake news


    • Photos worked amazingly!! So much love for the IDA. Mines should be back soon to go into my K. It came from a race 13B funnily enough!!!
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      • Awesome work Dave, question on your metal prep are you using a metal prep product i.e. Deoxidine on your bare metal before filler/etch


        • if light surface rust had formed, i would clean it with deoxodine, but i usually red etch primer things as soon as i get them blasted.

          I sent the front coils and rear leaf springs to get reset lower through the week, and set up everything in the car to trial fit.

          The Rx2 tie rods worked out well, but the bar in the middle needs to be a little shorter to get proper wheel alignment, will get the machinist to shorten and ad some more thread through the week.

          sway bar link is good too.

          this test fit is also helping see which things I'm missing, or are damaged, or not the right size. some of the washers are wrong, once its all sorted ill rip everything out and get it gold zinc coated.

          Good clearance between the sway bar and the engine.

          Left side.

          as usual its not low enough.

          pulled everything back out to tonight, and will take the springs back to go lower.

          I also didn't paint everything because i knew i may have to take it in and out a few times before its right, no point scratching everything.

          needs to come down another two inches in the front, and probably another inch in the rear.

          Test fitted the guard mirrors and bumper and grille tonight. still needs a little adjustment here and there, but its not too bad.

          More updates soon.

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          climate change is fake news


          • Awesome progress! Great update on front suspension. Keep us posted!


            • i got the springs back today, i went down another two inches.

              as i thought, these japanese mags, xr4 long champs, stick out of the guards.

              i went down to barrel brothers, thinking i could change the dish, but these are a one piece wheel, i thought they were three piece.

              these guys do awesome work, i was very impressed..


              anyway i don't want to lip my guards to fit these wheels.

              So i pulled out the original wheels, which i had blasted last year and painted them satin black and had four new tyres fitted. one is a bit rusty, i picked the best four.

              i mite put the rusty one on eBay for one dollar and watch the greedy investors fight over it.

              You can not get the original tyre size for the R100 wheels, they are slightly bigger.

              i would like to run the 13 inch japanese R100 wheels and caps, but thats another mission i don't feel like dealing with. this is how it will stay i think.

              climate change is fake news


              • Restoremaz does amazing work. Bit late, bit onboard now. Great work!!!
                1998 mazda 323 200e, 2.0l 8V
                1979 mazda 323 glc, 13B Bridge


                • Longchamps are a 3 piece wheel, they're just welded together


                  • Yeah, i thought i could just unbolt and change dishes like simmons, but chopping through the welds and redoing them is fairly expensive.

                    I think ill sell them.
                    climate change is fake news