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  • Mazda Bus?

    Now, this is kakoii!

    Bring back that Mazda script I say! Neko.
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    Is this the rotary-powered bus Mazda manufactured?
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      oh I want that!!


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        what's the front end character script to say "triple diamond mafia" :wink:


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          Originally posted by Camshaft
          Is this the rotary-powered bus Mazda manufactured?
          That would be the Parkway. This was simply known as the Mazda Light Bus. No idea why Mitsubishi owned one though. However, you can see Mitsubishi logos on old three-wheeled Mazdas as well, when they were sold under license.


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            That is so unbelievably cool, On my top 5 Mazda's to own list, that's number two, a Mazda light bus.
            Too many Mazda's in the collection. 4 Mitsubishi's, 6 Toyota's and now 3 Datsun's as well.
            Putting together a Mazda/Japanese motor museum. New bigger venue for the museum has been bought, watch this space!


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              I've got some brochures somewhere with some nice early Mazda buses in it (including this one), pretty rad designs. This one if full Dr. No...I can just see the henchmen pouring out of it!

              Thanks for posting it!

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                Mazda made these light buses in the 1960s. The bus in the background is the AEVA (A) and the bus in the foreground is the AEVA (C). They were powered by a 2 liter 4 cylinder engine making 81 hp. Both were about 19 ft long and could sit 25 "Comfortable adults" and 45 "Uncomfortable adults".
                The Parkway rotary was produced 1974-1977 and powered by the 13B engine.


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                  ^ Where was that Light Bus ad from? I didn't know they sold them outside of Japan.


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                    Originally posted by B1500boy
                    That is so unbelievably cool, On my top 5 Mazda's to own list, that's number two, a Mazda light bus.
                    Imagine the club committee meetings than woohoo.
                    round and round and now up and down!


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                      I don't thing the top is a rotary powered.

                      Mazda rotary powered bus Parkway.

                      (Cut & paste)
                      The engine on the bus goes...

                      AS HEAVY as the Roadpacer AP was, it couldn't match the appalling mass of the Mazda Parkway Rotary26 bus. Launched in '74 and sharing the Roadpacer's twin-rotor 13B, the 2.8-tonne 26-seater's max speed was 120km/h (only 40-odd kays behind the Roadpacer). A Super DX version housed 13 passengers but kept the big brother's less-than-pedestrian performance. Mazda seem to look back on the tank with rose-tinted glasses as their website proudly boasts that "[its] most entertaining aspect was the low-vibration and quiet cabin comfort derived from the smooth operation of the rotary engine". We reckon the highlight would've been watching one trundling up Mount Fuji, fully loaded.
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                        Good link to Mazda Bus info

                        Here is good info on the Mazda Bus program... :tu:

                        FROM: The Mazda Spirit Site

                        Mazda sold its first bus in February 1960. It was a 13-seat minibus based on the D1500, Mazda's cab-over semi style compact truck that was sold to the Japan Defence Agency. With the seats folded down, the D1500 could also be used to transport injured soldiers on stretchers. In addition to this convenience, it sported a distinctive design and its comfort levels were on a par with ordinary passenger vehicles of the time. In December 1960, Mazda began exporting the bus to the Middle East, equipped with dual heaters, electrically operated doors and center-opening freestyle doors at the back that enhanced its qualities as an ambulance.

                        Mazda's first bus for general public use was a 25-seater launched in May 1965, called the Light Bus. With its innovative "dream car" styling, the Light Bus was an improved version of a concept model that had caused a stir at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show, and was equipped with a 2-liter engine that delivered 81 PS maximum power. The bus featured a huge, curved windshield made from laminated safety glass and a head-turning futuristic styling.
                        D1500 sold to the Defense Agency (source: The Yoko, March 1960)

                        Evolution to the Parkway 26

                        On April 17, 1972, in response to a demand for upscale minibuses, Mazda launched a fully redesigned minibus dubbed the Parkway 26. Based on the outstanding Titan truck of the period, the bus featured rigid suspension, a range of powerful engines and exceptional economy and reliability as well as safety.

                        The Parkway 26 had the longest wheelbase in its class at 3,285 mm, a wide tread and stabilizers, and its suspension was given optimal spring rates. The engine lineup included a 2.0-liter unit that boosted maximum power from the previous 81 PS to 92 PS. Two diesel engines were also available: a 2.5-liter unit with 77 PS maximum power, and a 2.7-liter version delivering 81 PS maximum power. In addition to modern styling similar to passenger cars of the day and comfortable accommodation for 26 passengers, the interior featured a radio and a powerful heating system with 3-stage switching, soft ceiling trim and other refinements that created a spacious, premium ambience.

                        On July 22, 1974, Mazda introduced the world's first low-emission, rotary engine (13B) minibus, the Parkway Rotary 26. This bus had the exceptional performance and quietness of a rotary vehicle, as well as outstanding environmental efficiency for its day, which cleared Japan's exhaust gas emissions standards at the time by a wide margin.



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                          Mazda bus ios now most use in England and other countries and that is awesome for local buses and that bus travel is too much comfortable. Now the most famous trustmypaper company is also using Mazda bus for employs.