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  • Fat 4 RE
    started a topic Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    So i have been on here a while but been watching some thread some feed back but not put one up of my own car, checking out a few. Now i am start one up from when i got it to now

    Back story
    Well i have owned a few Rx4 over the years now! Got my first one we i was 17 and had one ever since. So 15 years on 6 later this is my latest car

    I got this Rx4 as my old car got defected and had lots of modification done to it and lots of little bits and pieces missing. and the first replacement shell was not as good as first thought

    This was a good example to start my fresh rebuild with and out of 6 or more car which i checked out this was the best with no major damage (most of the other had major chassis damage and smoky motors) and was running but had a defect on it but it did have the s3 rear end on it but i just wanted a car to drive so it come home with me

    here are some photos of how it was the day i got it, it was drivable but i wanted to get it looking sweet

    It was the cleanest body Rx4 for sale at the time, straight body and chassis, had a 13b bridge port Rx4 motor, weber, vinyl roof and was complete but the car was in some need of some some TLC to get it where i wanted it

    i also did like the look of the vinal roof lining

    Now the rebuild started the day i got it home and started to stripper her down to change the colour of the interior from brown to Black.
    Changing the suspension over to my already rebuilt and new stuff i was using in another project and getting it ready to clear Regency ( which the as the same as a road worthy in other states ) as the car had a defect on it when i bought it

    So in my small shed space i pulled a few off and started repairing and paint things

    Not long after this we got our first new home so i had to pack up ever thing up so i could move into this beauty of a shed

    Which i filled filled up very quickly with both my Rx4's

    the old bridge port motor only had about 6000km or so on it when i got it and i only put a few 100 more on it before i ripped it out
    and sold it to a guy in Newcastle with the ported manifold and lightened flywheel

    then i peeped my Fully rebuilt 13Bt series 4 block which was rebuilt about 1999 (got to put about 10,000km on it) before it sat around for 3-4 years while i was getting a body sorted out for it

    New Engine specs
    Rx7 s4 turbo motor
    Large extent ported
    race modified gears and installed window bearings bearings
    2mm Mazda seals
    12a turbo front cover
    12a turbo water pump housing
    brand new oil lines
    Weber S4 manifold which is port match the the inlet ports
    (old spec: 48mm weber with bigger jets)
    K&N air filter
    series 4 alternator which was fully polished by me then had it rebuilt
    installed the gilmer belt drive
    lightened flywheel which a heavy duty clutch pressure plate (balanced together) and a standard type clutch plate)
    and a few more chrome bits that i could not polish

    This is the engine bay almost finished but i decided that i had been waiting too long to drive the car i didn't paint the engine bay (5 year and 3 cars)

    This is the only pic i got the the original interior, had brown dash, door trims, back seat, had so old bucket seat which were stuffed

    Black dash in with My Recaro's bucket seats, black door trims, black centre console, Rx7 s2 steering wheel

    Black Recaros seats
    Black re-trimmed dash
    New black carpet
    New seat belts
    Black head lining
    Good condition black center consol
    Re-trimed sun visors and front pillar trims
    New front seat belts

    The gearbox
    was changed over from a rx4 4 speed to a supra 5 speed which was been fully rebuilt with[/quote]

    Supra 5 speed Specs
    New sincros
    New shifter bushes
    Bead blasted housing
    New rubber gearbox cross member mounts from Mazda
    I Polished the dellor gearbox bell housing
    Chromed the clutch fork
    Brand new starter motor
    Custom gearbox mount with new supra rubber mount

    Installed the rebuilt 2 piece tail shaft which was balanced up to 4000 RPM

    This was the rebuilt suspension which has been all powder coated it Black of red and had a few small things ( brackets and some bolts) chromed and got stuck in to polishing what i could from my other project
    Lowered Front springs powder coated red
    Koni Red front shocks
    K-Mac adjustable strut tops
    New super Pro bushes through out
    New ball joints
    New Tie rod outer (inner were ok at the time)
    New pitman arm
    2in new lower rear leafs with extra leaf and anti tramp half springs

    Brakes Upgrade and sway bar
    Twin sway bar kit powdered coated red
    Rebuilt brake booster and master cylinder
    R31 skyline brake calipers (polished) and rebuilt on custom mounting brackets
    626 vented disks bolted to standard hubs
    Braided brake lines front (ADR approved)

    the front end stuff

    Polished front calipers (R31 calipers with 626 rotors) and braided brake lines , black powdered struts, red powdered springs and sway bars

    The Diff, rear suspension and brakes
    Standard diff with drum brakes
    kyb rear shocks
    16mm rear sway bar add to the rear powder coated red

    twin system with extended primary's, 2 resies one in each twin pipe collecting just before the diff
    Turbo rota flow rear muffler

    Cooling system
    new 4 core radiator
    twin thermo fans

    This was it ! took about 6 months to get all done and took the car to get the defect cleared (a road worthy). It was a good day as it passed the first time and got comments for the inspectors and keep the noise level down just @ 97db ( that was with a restrictor plate in the rear section before the rota flow muffler) but a pass is a pass

  • Fat 4 RE
    Not to much been happening with the 4 lately but enjoying driving it more then ever.

    Took the car for a 250km round trip to Cape Jervis a few months ago with a mate to get some work done on a project car of his (351 Windsor in a Bedford van) we had to check the motor a get it started up.

    The Rx4 loved the drive down (and made my mate shit his pants a little.. lol...) and back with the worst part getting stuck in Friday afternoon traffic before we got out of town, 30 min to travel 4 km due to a whole lot of nothing it seamed... Driving at night i found the head lights to dim some what when the thermo kicked in and knew it was time to check out the old 80 AMP s5 alternator and time to finally upgrade to a 110 AMP EL unit.

    So knowing that the El Alternator has the 17mm shaft i would also have to replace my gilmer pulley at the same time, a little bit research and time i found a brand new EL alternator and new pulley and receiver for under $230 for both. so was happy with the price.

    Time to check all the Electrical for the old alt to make sure all was good and a couple of minor mods and tidy ups found some crimps of plug connectors not holding well but easy to fix. the alt is much bigger then the old S5 alt and the belt only just fits so i should be buying a slightly longer belt in the future.

    I also found my oil injector spitting oil out due to the pressure line to the top of the injector coming loose.
    Time to fix the this issue and install the 4-1 splitter from s4/5 and plumb some new line to tidy it all up and fix the leak.

    On the Saturday night of the trip away by accident we went to go to the shop before it shut after working on my mates car most of the day and we jumped into the car and happen to catch this awesome sunset at the ferry and took some wicked pic of the Rx4 with Kangaroo Island in the back drop. all pics taken within 5 min.

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  • restoremaz
    heres some .

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  • KiKiIchiBan
    Look lovely, could you do me a favour and show me what the badge looks like on the rear C pillar? Been looking for some for a while but don't even know what they're supposed to look like.

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  • Fat 4 RE
    WOW so long since my last update

    so after taking the car to All Japan day had it out a little bit, but work and family has that limited to not much

    In October we had Brap to Birdwood which started back in 2014 and is a event that was start by local Rota head that just wanted to get there cars out and drive like the good old day of the Adelaide Rotor scene. it was its 4th year and i finally got my car to the event, missed the second year due to no rego and could not get onto the web site to renew it ops: so we took the kids and they enjoyed it

    pulled this photo from the web as i was pulling into the car park for the pre meet ( i am looking at the camera looking angry lol )

    another nice shot i found

    a couple i took on the go pro

    It was a good day and well run form the crew and i got 2nd best RX4 on the day but missed the announcement over the PA and did not get my prize till later in the day

    i had the go-pro mounted on the front windscreen for the whole trip which i may post some of the incar up at some time

    After that nice drive through the hills i notices the front end to be a little loose and was thinking its time for a wheel alignment!
    Finally got some time in December/January holidays and got to do some checking and trying to find the issue of a slow draining battery while i was at it.
    The battery was drained and would not take a charge! This has been happening on and off for some time now. When i did my rewire a few years ago i changed my alternator wire as per SIM_RX3 diagram and but did not follow the new Main cable back to the battery but upgraded the main loom wire to the correct gauge wire and connect it back to it. looking back now this may have been the cause of the slight battery drain for some time now and its time to pull it out and rewire it correctly

    Now i did not take any real pic of this ( forget to these days ) but got to rewire it and a couple of little mods while i was at it with the loom and microtech wiring under the dash too. I think this highlighted the fact my S5 alt is not got enough output for my electrical system and accessories. i went down to u-pull it and hunted for some fuseable link holder and got a camery 3 fuse block and a ford EL falcon 7 fuse hold 110 amp Alternator, had work out what was best and where i was install it. time to pull the alt down and check it out

    While a was checking this up close i noticed that the nos 555 idle arm i got a couple of years back and installed could of been a cause of the loose feeling steering. so i went a ordered a new idler arm bush and pulled it out to replace it.

    this i did take a pic of

    Changing this also found a bigger issue that my left hand inner tie rod was loose :shock: and rattling against the split pin thank goodness. So checked over all the tie rods and made sure nothing else was loose. This got me thinking about the other nos or replacement parts i had sitting around....... I pulled the steering wheel off to check that bush ( as i had a new one sitting on a shelf ) and let behold it was stuff too so i installed the new one

    Took a couple of pics and new vs old

    This fixed the loose feeling steering all round mow and had the car out at least 5 times while on holidays which was good to do. The 40 degrees day aint the best for a Rotary but at least the car runs well and did not get over 98 degrees (except the air temp was almost as high lol )

    got to remember to keep this updated more often
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  • restoremaz
    Originally posted by Fat 4 RE View Post

    Hi Dave,

    yeah most of it is on facebook . so i had to log into my wife account just to find and see pics. they have not updated the All Japan Web site with Pic for years now which sucks

    but i found this links which may be worth looking at or not

    a few youtube videos

    but yeah this year was more plastic and Nissan's that's for sure

    Thanks, ill check them out.

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  • Ontrack
    Nice to see the cars out in the sun. Even better to see a reflection in a bumper bar.

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  • Fat 4 RE
    Been wanting to check my motor for some time now so i dropped around to a mates (thanks Brad) house and borrowed his Rotary Compression tester

    Front Rotor

    Rear Rotor

    Over all really happy with the results as this motor was build 18years ago now, S4 turbo motor has standard Mazda apex seals, second hand housing and was run-in NA for about 8 of those years sat around for 3 years and has been turbo for last 6 running on 9 PSI all day and some fun times on 14 PSI

    Time to fix a few little issues and get a re-tune me thinks knowing all is good and going strong

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  • Fat 4 RE
    Originally posted by beans161 View Post
    Car looked tops mate, that colour is 👌🏻 I was taking note on plenum and intercooler setups that day I spent a while at your car, as I may need to upgrade in the future.
    Cheers for the pics btw.
    Cheers Ben some of those pics make that colour pop hey.

    If ya keen to so a upgrade some day just ask away as i did the design and made all the bolt on bits my self just had others to the fab work coz i cant weld (wish i could hey)

    np on the pics thought you would like

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  • Fat 4 RE
    Originally posted by restoremaz View Post
    awsome, any other links to this all japan day? Bit too much plastic stuff in the speed hunters thread, I'm sure there were better cars there than what they show.
    Hi Dave,

    yeah most of it is on facebook . so i had to log into my wife account just to find and see pics. they have not updated the All Japan Web site with Pic for years now which sucks

    but i found this links which may be worth looking at or not

    a few youtube videos

    but yeah this year was more plastic and Nissan's that's for sure
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  • beans161
    Car looked tops mate, that colour is 👌🏻 I was taking note on plenum and intercooler setups that day I spent a while at your car, as I may need to upgrade in the future.
    Cheers for the pics btw.

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  • restoremaz
    awsome, any other links to this all japan day? Bit too much plastic stuff in the speed hunters thread, I'm sure there were better cars there than what they show.
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  • Fat 4 RE
    So another year and another All Japan Day and a big thanks to Kristan and the all Japan team for a good day on the lawns again, the beer were also good in the pub too

    so here are some pic's i took on the day

    these 3 i found on the NET but liked the shots

    also there was a awesome write up of the even on speedhunters
    car car was in one of the pics too

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  • Fat 4 RE
    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    Thanks Dave, yeah your right the cost of doing thing like tail shaft suck, that,s why i went this way also it makes it easy to convert back if i ever need too due to failure or sale.

    + way lucky to find a local machine shop close to me that did it so quick and cheap as per the specs i drew up and was perfect

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  • restoremaz
    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    i like the spacer for the shaft! getting shafts done these days is so expensive, good little money saver!

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