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    Not to much been happening with the 4 lately but enjoying driving it more then ever.

    Took the car for a 250km round trip to Cape Jervis a few months ago with a mate to get some work done on a project car of his (351 Windsor in a Bedford van) we had to check the motor a get it started up.

    The Rx4 loved the drive down (and made my mate shit his pants a little.. lol...) and back with the worst part getting stuck in Friday afternoon traffic before we got out of town, 30 min to travel 4 km due to a whole lot of nothing it seamed... Driving at night i found the head lights to dim some what when the thermo kicked in and knew it was time to check out the old 80 AMP s5 alternator and time to finally upgrade to a 110 AMP EL unit.

    So knowing that the El Alternator has the 17mm shaft i would also have to replace my gilmer pulley at the same time, a little bit research and time i found a brand new EL alternator and new pulley and receiver for under $230 for both. so was happy with the price.

    Time to check all the Electrical for the old alt to make sure all was good and a couple of minor mods and tidy ups found some crimps of plug connectors not holding well but easy to fix. the alt is much bigger then the old S5 alt and the belt only just fits so i should be buying a slightly longer belt in the future.

    I also found my oil injector spitting oil out due to the pressure line to the top of the injector coming loose.
    Time to fix the this issue and install the 4-1 splitter from s4/5 and plumb some new line to tidy it all up and fix the leak.

    On the Saturday night of the trip away by accident we went to go to the shop before it shut after working on my mates car most of the day and we jumped into the car and happen to catch this awesome sunset at the ferry and took some wicked pic of the Rx4 with Kangaroo Island in the back drop. all pics taken within 5 min.