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    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

    I was running a Microtech MTX8 ECU in the car when it was running NA but with the turbo conversion i felt i needed a newer computer in the car which had more tune-ability in it so i brought a Microtech LT10s off a friend that he had for sale at a good price.

    Been in the shed stripping the engine bay of all wiring to modifying the looms to reduce the cables in them and re-running wires so it will all be neater

    Installed all s4 alternator wiring and relay into the the factory loom

    Also started re-wiring the ECU with a LT10s and X4 box (get it all next week) and cleaning the wiring mess that was too, moved fuel pump relay under dash and making custom mounting bracket to fit where the emissions box used to sit

    Picked up a Megasonic turbosmart BOV (matt black) for it and some other parts coming soon
    so some more money been spent on the turbo install :roll: :roll:

    Turbosmart FRP 1200 (in black also)
    fitted up my autometre pressure gauge and new -6an fittings on fuel lines and mounted to firewall

    also fitted up injector 2 x 850cc primary injectors and 2 x 1600cc secondary shortened hose to fuel rail to fit under plenum outlet, new allen head screws on all parts on plenum

    Finished drivers side wiring loom reduction and reinstalled, half way through the passenger side and upgrading alternator wiring into loom almost done, small engine loom has been redone too just got to get a few more plug connector to complete

    re-wired left front engine wiring loom, removed all unused cables and repositioned cable to suit the new ecu install, including alt wiring upgrade and warning light relay in the original loom now

    Installing LT10s ECU and x4 box with new injector plugs, relocating all relay and fuse box to clean up engine bay, still a little bit more custom brackets to get it all in me thinks

    almost finished Lt10s install and rewire. all new injector plugs, water temp plug and t.p.s plug

    X4 box is now mounted on the original emissions box bracket, also the fuel pump relay and fuse box (looks neat if i don't say so my self)

    SEPT 2010
    Ok still not much happening but soon it will . Just sold some stuff so got the funds for more of the parts to finish it off \/

    The small things i have been doing over the last few weeks i have had spare which has not been much

    Modified 12a turbo water pump (removed the air pump bracket and cleaned up castings, tapped the water fitting as the pipe was stuffed
    modified one on the left is the one i am using (one on the right is for sale)

    finished final mods on the exhaust manifold and got the turbo in the right position, cleaned all welds ready for welding and ceramic coating

    New braided water feed lines for turbo and speed flow fittings

    Turbosmart FPR now where i want it after a new bracket i made up and speed flow black fittings :thrust: :thrust:

    Its sitting just right me thinks

    still more to go before its done :-k

    *October 2010*
    With the same mate i got the ECU off had a brand new PWR aluminum radiator sitting in a box as home i was thinking i need to bling the engine bay up and the way i was planing to install the inter cooler some mode were needing to be made and better on a aluminum radiator the a rebuild 4 core copper radiator!!!

    OK no going back now :-k so been on call all weekend but got the public holiday and Tuesday off (Love RDO's), so spend a few hours in the shed today planing and sorting out how to pull some of the last shit together and get this car back on the road

    The only problem was that the camera battery died and did not get as many pics as i wanted ](*,) #-o :-({|=

    So the new parts that have been purchased
    PWR Radiator (Thanks Rxwepon) its the Rx7 s3 one which has the bottom outlet facing up but is perfect of the top mount cooler style i am going for
    Calibre 4in air filter (until i get a K&N later) just to much money getting spent on this car as of late
    A few different gaskets (water pump, thermostat, manifold)

    So out came the 4 core radiator, twin thermo fans, removed the alternator. Then found that the water pump is almost fucked #-o ](*,) dam more money, trial fitted the new radiator

    it is just hanging in these pics to see where it was going to sit

    then i positioned the old rad on it and marked out the mounting holes, (i drilled the hole the same as factory, so the radiator can be mounted normally/standard position) i had to trim the bottom bracket section of the rad so i could drop it down far enough for the cooler

    then i made up some spacers (timber works ever time :laugh so i could trial where the inter-cooler would sit (note the cardboard inter-cooler i made up :lol: and the spray can caps as they are the same size (2 1/2in) as the outlets

    Once the cooler rocks up i will get the timber spacers/mounts made in aluminium or steel and tap threads in them so they can bolt in and still mount the rad off the original mounting position but 80mm lower for the inter cooler and mod the filler neck on the rad also, the oil cooler will be mounted under the inter-cooler and the oil lines should pass the rad with room to play.. Both the inter-cooler/oil cooler and rad will not be more than 20mm lower that the original setup :bounce3:

    Finished off the Microtech wire up, new injector and water plug all in and conduit done, just waiting on a mate doing some of the wiring so the rest of the engine bay can be finished being wired

    Things i still need
    Spal thermo fan
    New water pump
    inter cooling piping
    weld the manifold and pump back exhaust to rear rota flow
    some silicon hoses
    a boost controller of some kind (just thinking of a boost tee for now)
    maybe a custom oil cooler (but will see once the cooler gets here)
    a tune

    More pics soon :-"

    **So when i said it seams like it is moving backwards ,this is why **

    Cleaning up the heater bypass and painting it while it is out, the weber manifold is getting a minor adjustment on the ports so it is matched to the inlets and injection perfection better and painting, water pump housing done and painted ready once the new pump is here


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      Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

      21st October 2010
      Inter-cooler and spal thermo ordered and waiting on delivery :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: :thrust: , a few more bit to buy to finish some of the small stuff off and can start putting it back together

      What size cooler did you end up going?
      Mate as you know i am not cutting the car up at all, so the option to do the inter-cooler was a hard decision but it has been made am i am going for a PWR top out let rx2-7 cooler

      it is 500mm wide x 370mm high and 80mm(68mm core) with 2 1/2in outlets so it will be big enough and the amount of piping and its length is going to be so small it will be responsive due to this

      so i know it is not the biggest one but it suits the style of the car and will mad once i finish playing the final fitment with the drop down PWR radiator and a few other tricks i am looking at doing

      Ok so parts arrived on Thursday (7th November 2010)

      Spal fan

      PWR cooler

      Fan fitted to Rad

      Trial fit of the parts

      Still got some planing to do as the fan is not fitting at the moment with the spacing i have used with the radiator, but with some minor trimming of the inside of the rad support where i had my old fans mounted to lift the cooler a bit and get it back some more so the rad spacer and be reduced in size. but starting to look good...

      (10th November 2010)
      So mad some adjustment on the front to see if i could get the cooler in a better pace and pull the Rad further back as i have some clearance issues with the outlet hitting the engine mount and getting the fan on the rad too :gay:

      Just a trial fit again but looking good

      Got the cooler sitting nice and almost were i want it

      and no change to the grill but i will need a set of new grill brackets now

      Still need to lift the cooler some 5-10mm max so i can get more clearance and so the top fitting can get bolts in them

      and clean up the top cut #-o

      I can now reduce the (timber) spacer down by about 20mm and re-check the clearances then get the billet ones milled down and some other bracket welded to the cooler and bolt it to them so the bitch won't/ cant move :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:

      (14th Nov 2010)
      Timber spacer was reduced to 20mm to pull the rad closer to the cooler, trimmed 5mm off the top of the rad support to lift the cooler so every thing can fit better with not to much extra modification

      Nothing like mm clearances

      Got to make a bracket for the oil cooler to sit under the inter-cooler now, it won't sit any lower then where it normally wood and with i little bit of trickery i may still be able to use the oil lines i have 8)

      Got back the new gearbox cross member also just got to drill it out after re-measuring it again and again so i get it all right :-k ](*,) this bit is taking a while

      Should get more done this week when i do not work 70+ hours in a week :-({|=

      (6th December 2010)
      Some more small updates

      Got the gearbox x-member almost all sorted out

      Drilled almost all the rubber mount hole but the big centre hole (40mm) clearance for the safety through bolt

      Still got to do a final measure so i can drill the last body mounting holes just deciding on if one will do it of just drill 2 and make it stiffer

      Done and painted

      Piecing all the re-paint bits cleaned bits back together for some more measuring
      -Sand blasted weber manifold and painted again after a checking of the port matching
      - Painter 12at water pump housing and water pump
      - polished the fuel reg bracket
      - checking throttle and bracket
      - test fitting a top rad hose
      - finished all new water proof plug connector for engine wiring

      Next get all the piping done so i can get this thing back on the road (doc i will be getting hold of you soon ) I may strip the engine bay down and paint it before getting it all running :-k :-k :-k it needs it

      (16th January 2011)
      OK some work has been completed :bounce3: and can get onto the exhaust and coating manifolds, turbo housings dump pipe once all in correct position.

      Ok got a bracket made up for the oil cooler to sit under the intercooler and with a little bit of playing before drilling it and the aid of some spacers got it sitting right where i want it

      The outlets sit right between the original oil cooler bracket and the radiator spacer

      Then i had Dr_fc_3s drop over and do the piping in stainless steel for the cooler =P~ :thrust: :thrust:
      Sitting sweet and low under the bonnet

      i had polished the small one in this pic

      Both pipes polished

      I did not take any pic of the man in action but i don't think he wanted to be in any pic anyways Thanks again mate

      So in the next week i will try to get a few small jobs finished and organize a time got get the exhaust done then a small pull back down to check all parts and install all gaskets before the final install 8-[ 8-[

      (24th January 2011)
      i had the 40x40mm billet ally for the radiator space milled down to 20x40mm (thanks Steve) so i can get them in a drill press and set up the bolt holes with counter sunk holes for the original radiator mounting and tap new threads for the new mounting position. Also thinking of using a right angle to bolt the oil cooler bracket (which is attached to the bottom of the intercooler and has no bottom fixing atm) to it to make it more ridged and have threaded bolts for the oil cooler attachment to make it easier to install....(as atm it was a bitch due to no clearance and using nuts and bolts. "my hands are to big to try this shit to many times"

      Got the water lines almost sorted too. Just need some new -8 weld on fittings to clean up the install and then done. tidy up were the oil line is running also looks neater now


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        Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

        (Sun Mar 06, 2011)
        Got more bits to finish this off

        -Ceramic Coated the Exhaust manifold and turbo Housing
        -New braided -10 oil drain, just need to mod the original stainless solid pipe with a weld on fitting
        -Water feeds done with -8 weld on fittings and black braided lines and speedflow fittings
        -Custom bracket for oil/inter cooler mount to new radiator spacer
        -New fuel hose
        -More speedflow hose covers and fittings

        Exhaust is now booked in for the for next weekend to get finished :thrust:
        Radiator should be modded this week ready for final install

        pics of ceramic coatings

        (Mon Mar 07, 2011)
        This week will be a good week on the Rx4

        Radiator been dropped off for mods and should be back Friday or Monday
        Bracket of oil/intercooler almost done just some drilling and tapping to go
        Turbo has been refitted ready for exhaust

        Getting to now -
        Polishing the rest of the intake parts again
        Checking all piping for cooler and hoses/clamps
        Install of E-Boost street controller and plump in Vac/boost lines
        Check position of BOV (If i use one???)
        Vac lines to ECU, manifold, FPR
        Installing new Fuel line and maybe new hard lines in boot to stop the fuel smell, also thinking about changing over the surge tank while i am at it

        Time to go and work.

        (Thu Mar 10, 2011)
        Ok Small update

        Radiator is back and removed the filler neck and now running a Header tank with a 32mm outlet on rad and then one on the header tank,

        Tank with a fresh polish

        This is where i think i am installing the tank but it could be install on the strut tower yet

        Height of tank

        Tried a hose on the bottom outlet (the old top hose) and with about 30mm cut off it fits perfect and the top hose was a off cut from when i did my top hose years ago. very lucky (will get new one's now both off commodore V8s) so one hose should do both

        New -6 and -10 fitting for the surge and which should be ready next week as it is getting made now, should look better than the old setup. If i need to box the new one it should be easy with the design 8)

        Old setup for a reference

        E-boost street now installed and wired in, setting up a hi/lo boost switch so can get it tuned with both, just need to run the vac lines so they are neat

        Final tidy up of the microtech is almost done, feels like a am getting closer..

        (Sun Mar 13, 2011)
        some shit phone pics but you get the idea

        \/ :thrust: :thrust:....

        (Sun Mar 20, 2011)
        Originally posted by MR TA45
        Is that the final position for the compressor cover?? Just that it looks like *a very tight bend* Matt. Hard to see wether you have enough room to spin it to the right. Looking good though mate. 8)
        Yeah Mick it is at this point. We looked at a few different options, but in the end this was the best with this manifold.. As the turbo sits quite high and to get a pipe to come up and around would of been hard to clear the bonnet line with the piping bends.. I did not want to weld a donut onto the turbo cover so this is what was done

        I had a chat to another guy about it and said it will not matter too much at the air is going to hit the back of the inter-cooler tank as it is a flat surface, fill the tank and push through the core. It is more important to get a smooth flowing exit to the inlet before the TB as the restriction there will kill the efficiency of it

        this is the height of the turbo and no was to get a pipe on it if the compressor wheel was turned around


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          Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

          (Sun Mar 20, 2011)
          So some good shit has happened this week end

          Got back the header tank all welded up just need to do a final polish
          New custom surge tank is done also :thrust:

          -6 fittings on the top 3 and -10 on the bottom fuel pump fitting

          A better look at how the radiator, Inter cooler and oil cooler sit

          The new gear box mount painted and installed

          Exhaust done 3in mandrel with a provision for the install of a Cat and one muffler/ resonator

          Plump back waste gate and flanged so can take off for track use with a screamer and block off flange

          (Sun Mar 27, 2011)

          So the car is back in the shed and started pulling it down to finish minor little mods to bracket, mounting, radiator hoses, cleaning and paint of bit, installing all new gasket to motor -exhaust and so on

          Had to mod the outlet position of the 12A turbo water pump housing as the hose was just too close to the manifold and most likely would of melted

          i took off the fiber glass front spoiler so i could get the car on and off the trailer easy with out damage. So i though i would install (or see what it would look like) with the standard stone guard on

          OK some people may be interested some may not...
          This is some detailed pics/wright up on the inter-cooler, oil cooler and radiator custom setup i have done

          Started out with a PWR 5056 cooler and did not want to cut any holes (but i did trim 10mm off the inside of the radiator support but this part is not structural and 2x8mm hole in the top of it) set the cooler 20mm back under the rad support and now sits only 2mm from the front structural bar, drilled new hole for the mounting bolt on top.
          Then got a PWR Rx7 s3 Radiator (for the right price thanks Rxwepon) and drilled the mounting holes in the standard position as if the radiator was in a NA car
          Then got some billet aluminum 40mmx40mm and worked out it was going to space the radiator too far back so i had them machined down to 40x20mm (Thanks Steve). measured about 10 time to get the right position for the new bracket to be installed into the original rad support position and dropped the height of the radiator about 120mm from the stand height, i drilled some through hole for the original position and tapped M8 x 1.25 thread for the new position

          Ok so now i had to install the oil cooler (at this point i am still using a standard s2 type oil cooler which has been repaired and tested to save some coin at this point) with the radiator dropped 120mm their was no way i could install it under the radiator like normal. So i had a 3mm plate bent up to sit under the inter-cooler with some spacers to clear the bolting point. But the inter-cooler and oil cooler was only held up by the 2 top bolts in the inter-cooler on a thin bit or radiator support and instead of welding bracket to the inter-cooler i made some more bracket up to attach to the radiator drop down plates, i drilled and tapped M8x1.25 treads in and secured the brackets

          Once this was one the custom piping was made up (thanks Doc FC3S) and the issue of the filler neck and bottom out let of rad was found and had to be addressed (always new it was going to need be modified). Dropped the Rad off to BTR alloy fabricators (Leroy) and he cut the filler neck off and reused the cap part and made a new header tank, welder a 32mm out let to the original position of filler and i measured up a bracket to position the header tank to be mounted to the left side on the billet rad spacer drilled and tapped M8 x1.25 bolt holes to mount , got a hose to suit (Camira top hose and cut to suit) and had the feed point to the header welded on. Had to reposition the bottom outlet slightly more upright but still twisted to the left (in hind sight it could of been almost straight up)
          The bottom outlet just clears the engine cross member :roll:

          Got to get a heap of new hex head bolts for the so all the same on the bracket

          pics of the mounting bracket out of the car for a better understanding

          The inter-cooler, oil cooler, new billet drop down bracket with attached cooler bracket + new header tank for the radiator

          Side shot of oil cooler bracket and rad bracket

          Back of cooler and what you will see behind the grill / stone guard

          It all mounted together

          still got some minor adjustment, polishing and painting before it gets reinstalled but gives you a good look at a bolt in mod

          Man the weigh of all of the parts together is fucken heavy (70-80mkg me thinks)

          Did a few adjustment on the surge tank to clear all the ribbing and the grommet on the boot floor (about a 5mm section was trimmed and 20mm in the top left corner) now to get some rivnuts and get it mounted secured correctly and start getting the new fuel lines sorted with dash fittings

          (Sat Apr 02, 2011)
          Just finished the new 3/8 hard line under the car.... What a prick of a job to get the final transition back to where the lines comes though the body. Got 2 90 deg -6 speed flow bulk head fittings and making a new mounting plate that will be fixed to the body with nutserts for the inside of the car (this was so i can remove and re-install the original 5/16 and rubber if ever need and no extra holes being cut other then the nutserts) Waiting on the tube nuts and sleeves + a couple of speed flow fittings to come in so i can finish the ends of all the hard line then can be installed for good

          more polishing done too..

          Fuel System update (Fri Apr 08, 2011)
          Fuel system almost all done, still waiting on a few speedflow fittings and a couple more flares to do on a couple of hard lines then that is done

          A pic of the plate i made up for the bulk head fittings, it still has the original oval hole for the rubber that the original 5/16 hoses when through, did not modify the hole at all and the fitting fit in perfect, just got to put some nutserts in to secure it to the floor and then that is done

          Mostly finished engine bay hoses

          Radiator over flow bracket finished, polished bracket and tank, polished the billet radiator spacers. Fitted it back up for final adjustments

          Now once all this stuff it tidy and no more adjustments needed the engine bay will get stripped and is going to get painted 8-[

          More soon


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            Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

            (Sun Apr 10, 2011)
            On another note more small things done, polished the surge tank now and almost ready for its final install, go to make sure all is where i want it then make a start on the prep work get get this shit painted (Bay and Boot)

            (Tue Apr 12, 2011)
            Small update but no pics yet

            Engine bay is almost stripped of most parts :shock: and started stripping the paint :-k :shock: 8-[, once i get the last few bits to finish some of the stuff need to be done the engine will come out and every thing in the bay too, Man so much surface rust under the original Paint :-s ](*,) but will be a easy fix with some time and T.L.C

            Dump pipe and gate plumb back pipe is getting ceramic coated as we speak \/

            More soon

            (Thu Apr 14, 2011)
            Yeah the black lines and fittings suit my project to a tee due to me having so much stuff polished already it did not need any more stainless braid in the bay. I just wanted to get the fuel system done so i went through outlaw

            The amount of dam surface rust under the original paint and primer :shock: just gets me ](*,)

            Teaser pic and with finished fuel lines
            Drivers side

            Passenger side

            Fuel lines done

            Still waiting on 2 clamps to tidy the last bits off

            Just putting a small coat of etch primer on it to stop further rusting in between the paint stripping and sanding late at night #-o :roll:

            Bay almost all stripped except for the engine, brake master - booster and lines, suspension... All of the front end stripped in front of the rad support

            (Sat Apr 16, 2011)
            Dam shit is getting serious now :shock: :wink:

            Engine is out, brake lines out and booster/master, front cross member is out, the rest of the front end tomorrow and then strip the fucker bare :lol:

            Gear Box also out tomorrow :roll: :wink:

            (Tue Apr 19, 2011)
            Well bay is empty, almost completely stripped of paint just a few small patches to paint strip again and then the fun part of rubbing the rusty parts, rust converting it as well, etch, prime and paint :roll:

            On another note i got back my dump pipe and waste gate pipe from getting ceramic coated. a quick bolt together for the sake or it and pic's for the followers :wink:

            (Sat May 14, 2011)
            Has been a slow 2 weeks , just finishing stripping the engine bay, welded up a few odd holes in the bay and one sort of big patch of rust which was a fucker as it was in-between 2 panels (it was not seam correctly from factory and water had seeped in from the under the wheel arch and rested in the little raised section ](*,) ](*,) ). All in all the rust was only surface rust and the one patch, the surface rust has been rubbed back and rust converted

            Before it was fully stripped (so much rust under the original paint ](*,) ](*,) Dam Mazda thin paint and not sealing it correctly from factory )


            This was the fucker ( + me hard at work :laugh: )

            also cut and patched it form the out side too #-o ](*,)

            Cleaned all the motor up and quick hand polish the shiny bits and a lick of paint for the old girl

            Just awaiting the bay to be finished to put it back in now 8-[

            All the paint product are here now and should be spraying first coat of epoxy tomorrow then lost of sanding, them more paint, sanding and paint (repeat process several times before color and clear goes on :-s #-o )

            Lots of masking and sealing the shed up to do :roll:


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              Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

              Epic photo post. optus just called me asking how have i gone over my 120gig per month limit.


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                Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                (Sat May 14)
                You gonna paint it yourself Matt?
                Nah got a mate who it a spray painter doing it for me... But i am doing every thing else

                (Sun May 15, 2011)
                Epoxy primed

                Now in a day or so will have to start the sanding :-s :-k ](*,) endless sanding

                (Sun Jun 05, 2011)
                Any updates mate? u guna be ready for spring time runs
                Just waiting to get some more done then the decent update will start to come

                Just more more rubbing then i hope the color should be put on next week and then start putting it all back together for the last time 8-[ [-o< i lost some motivation for a couple of weeks but i am back now and cracking at it

                I should be mate ready very soon :-k

                (Thu Jun 09, 2011)
                Small halt in the plans as looks like we will be delivering a baby very soon [-o< 8-[ :wink:

                (Fri Jun 10, 2011)
                The Plan stopper, But worth ever cent :lol:

                A baby Boy at 9:42am, 5lb130oz (born at 37weeks) Very healthy \/
                the only photo i brought home on the phone

                Fuck it is a good feeling \/

                Plan stopper :?: Only for a short while. :wink:
                Only as the engine was ment to be getting painted this weekend...... But by no means does it stop finishing this car :P

                Updates to come once i get some time to get back in the shed

                (Tue Jun 21, 2011)
                So got a chance to get some stuff done in the last few days

                Had sent some stuff to get sand blasted :
                Engine cross member
                Cross member
                Battery tray
                Lower control (mint ones with no ware in the sway bay bust area)
                Steering knuckles
                Idler arm mount bracket

                All is going to be done in 2pac black

                Did some more sanding on the engine bay but still more to do, wanting for the rain to stop so i can get all the c-guard on where it need to be before getting the top coat done

                Making up a new coil bracket as the first one was done quickly and shit materials so just piecing the new one together

                (Mon Jun 27, 2011)
                Bay all sanded and just a few little touch up with some filler

                Got to putting on some c-guard on under the gearbox tunnel and under the front guards

                This is the front end parts getting a freshen up:
                Good condition lower control arms
                New ball joints
                Swaybar bushes and inner control arm bushes
                New inner and outer tie rods

                parts have been blasted and waiting on paint

                also new black silicon hose for wast gate/ vac system

                bending up some new brake lines

                Just a little more prep and then we should be able to paint it with in 2 weeks [-o< and then start bolting it all together 8-[

                (Sat Jul 16, 2011)

                So things have been a bit slow due the little one, work and bad weather...... But finally got some work done worth update this thread with

                Brakes lines all done with new tubes and flairs and test fitted before engine bay gets painted

                I am happy with the final look of the line and the bends (but 1 i did not get 100% right but that's life)

                Got a new GMB aluminum water pump to replace the worn out one that i had on the old housing, new gaskets, thermostat and got it all re-fitted to the motor and replaced the oil metering pump o-ring

                Trial fit and it looked out of place so to got masked up and a polish to blend in with all the other polishing i have done :lol: (decided that i can always paint if i want after) no pic after it was polished

                New outer + new inner tie-rods(555 that i paid way too much for)

                Just waiting on the suspension parts to come back from the painters to get the ball joins and inner bushes install and ready to go back on the car

                (Sun Jul 17, 2011)
                Engine bay painted

                It was perfect weather today and finally get the paint laid in the engine bay :bounce3: \/ \/

                A big thanks to my mate brad for painting it for me, as you can see in the pics he is not a small man but was quite the contortionist is a small engine bay :laugh: and was quite interesting watching him at work and not touching any of the painted car while painting :shock:

                base coat going on

                second coat

                we did one more final base coat before getting to the clear coat

                final finish, gearbox tunnel

                c-guard under the wheel arches

                a couple of small imperfection's (dust) to be polished out.. not bad considering the condition in the shed, i am very happy with the final finish

                i will give it some time to fully cure before reinstalling it all (which is hard coz i just want it back together) but got a couple of busy weeks ahead of me, so it will happen when i have time.... Its taken 12 months so far due to changes in plans and the painting of the engine bay But the end is near

                Bring on spring time cruses and hill runs 8-[


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                  Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                  Originally posted by restoremaz
                  Epic photo post. optus just called me asking how have i gone over my 120gig per month limit.
                  hehehe Dave yeah i am compressing it all as trying to get it all up to date in JNC


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                    Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                    good to see plenty of pics for a build up thread on a forum.

                    most people are just lazy facebookers these days, uploading phone pics as they take them, no matter how blurry the iphone photo may be.


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                      Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                      (Sun Aug 07, 2011)

                      Finally some time to work on the car!!!!!!

                      Been so busy the last 3 weeks and so wanting to just get out in the shed and it has been a hard slog

                      Got out in the shed today and starting to piece together the engine bay back together. Started on repainting some small things like, clutch master and slave (in Hi temp black), brake hard lines (in sliver hi temp) if left bare they will rust at some point and look shit, horns all painted and back on car

                      Brake lines in silver

                      Got all the suspension parts back from the painters, i had the new ball joints and inner control arm bushes pressed in today

                      back and ready to get all the bits installed

                      all new bits ready to go back in now

                      Battery tray all painted now and check the color match =P~

                      some things back in the bay

                      Motor all prepped and ready to go back in

                      Also finally got a rivnut set to finish off the fuel system in the boot and a few other jobs

                      Now i have the motivation to get this back together in is going to happen in no time :twisted: :wink:....... motor i hope to have back in the car tomorrow and then get it back on its wheels

                      (Wed Aug 10, 2011)
                      So Sunday being such a shit day out side pissing down with rain i went and tried to make progress
                      It started off being some good progress. but then it really started to rain and the fucking shed is still leaking when it rains hard and water seeps i through the edge and floor of the shed (10mm of water in some of the uneven section of the floor ](*,) ](*,) )

                      The checking the flywheel and clutch and one of the clutch plate bolts stripped (old bolts and doggy cheap torque wrench) so this took some time to get out and luckily that is was only the bold and did not fuck the flywheel, I Just run a tap and die over all bolts and threads just to be sure and finally after 1.5-2hr got it all back together so i could get the gear box attached before installing the motor again

                      Now installing the motor was slightly hindered by the excess water right under the engine bay. I had made up a timber box/trolley with some spare timber i had left over to leave the motor in while doing the engine bay and it made it easier to just lift the car i tiny bit more and just roll the motor/gearbox under the car. Did not get a chance to lift it up and back on to the cross member but ready to do

                      Got the brake booster and master all back in and the new brake line in also, installed the fuel reg as it was attached via one on the brake line bolts. This make most of the fire wall parts installed now and need to get head light and other front end stuff done so i can get the struts back in and get the car on the ground

                      Used the rivnut gun and installed the sure tank to the boot floor, i will also use some for the carter lift pump. Got to get the car back on all 4 so i can get the stuff out of the back seat area and rivnut the custom fuel line plate behind the seat and between the fuel tank and finish the last fuel lines

                      so i hope this week is more productive and no fuck ups :shock: :roll:

                      (Mon Aug 15, 2011)
                      Hay Glen.. Yeah it is getting there slowly and no baby seat yet

                      So getting more of the little stuff done. finally finished the fuel lines and Rivnut all the associated stuff down - surge tank, carter gold, custom bulk head plate and fittings

                      Aluminum Plate cut to size the 2 x 90 degrees bulk head fittings installed to fit in the original hole for the rubber fitting for 5/16 standard fuel hoses, used some foam backing to create a seal on the inside

                      Rivnuts in floor to bolt down plate

                      All bolted together and fuel lines attached

                      Surge all secured just need to replace a couple of the red fuel line with black lines, make a custom fuel filter bracket, and finish the wiring on the pumps

                      Motor in and looking good

                      Getting closer, trial fit the radiator and cutting the radiator hoses to fit

                      Thinking that all the suspension should be back in by next weekend, get the wiring back in and look to start up [-o< [-o< [-o< if all goes well....Soon i hope :-"

                      (Mon Aug 22, 2011)
                      Back to getting it back together :wink:

                      Picked up some more tools to finish this project
                      Air grinder/polisher, a set of buff pads, juice q-cut, 2000 grit paper

                      Got productive and had some time out in the shed in the last 2 days. Finished off the engine bay polishing, started by sanding back a few small rough patches were some small bits of dust had fallen in the paint, Buffed the section to a high shine

                      Painted the chassis rails and under guards as i was not happy with the c-guard finish. I also got most of the suspension back in too. New super pro bushes, 2k painted lower control arms, steering knuckles cross members, painting the new inner and outer tie rods, re-installed the steering box and idler arm

                      lots of other small things back in too but take up so much time ](*,) ecu loom, main loom ignition leads, overflow bottle, inter cooler, oil cooler, grill bracket but still so much to do #-o

                      some more almost finished

                      playing around with a few different angles with the camera


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                        Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                        (Wed Aug 24, 2011)

                        Some more little things installed, chrome bonnet hinges, front radiator air dam vents, tow hook, fitted the cooler pipe but making a couple of minor changes to them before it is on the road

                        a better look at the oil cooler and inter cooler

                        shiny chrome

                        (Sun Sep 04, 2011)
                        Things are staring to go together and is getting closer to start up

                        Lots of little things done in the last 2 days (RDO on Friday and one more on Monday \/ )

                        Struts and brakes back in and steering box too, Got the new tie rods all painted and attached to the steering knuckles. Just got to sort out the idler arm (a little too much play fro my liking) as this is the only thing in the steering that has not been replace. Need to paint the drag link, install and then do a quick alignment

                        All the head light and grill installed to see it all together and making sure i will leave the radiator support as is or too paint it black?

                        Spent a few hours today getting all the engine bay wiring and LT10-S + X4 box sorted and ready to go, used the rivnut tool a little more today and finished off the mounting bracket (used the old emissions box bracket and modified) to mount the X4 box, relays for fuel pump and fan and the fuses too. i made a small extension 4 pin lead for the X4 box so it could be mounted on the plate

                        Main loom has been black convoluted tubing and clipped in the original position, Got a battery back in and all main power leads and in position.

                        Powered up the electrics too start checking all the mods done to the looms... Result is excellent and all work as it should with no shorts or stray currents, all earth are good but may still add a few extra just to be sure. Tested lights, indicators, dash, alarm, ECU and checked the map, TPS and set up the accelerator to make sure i had 100% throttle . Got the motor cranking over and check the oil flow for the turbo (the hard way as i for got it was disconnected and had a bit of oil go every where :laugh: )

                        Got the turbo manifold all bolted back up and just waiting to put the turbo back on for the final time with all new gaskets, water feeds and adjust the turbo oil drain. Now accelerator is set the plenum is back on for good

                        Still need to dump the old oil and install new filter + oil, add brake fluid and bleed brakes and clutch, finish off the final 2 fitting on the fuel system - and pressure test it all to make sure no leaks and a quick rewire in the boot, get it on all 4's so i can get this all ready for a tune :thrust: :thrust:

                        So all in all a very good day

                        (Wed Sep 14, 2011)
                        Looks very tidy indeed, nice colour for the grill
                        Cheers Mate the grill color needed to be a little different then black or the standard silver

                        So more small progress had be done

                        Finished rebuilding the Alternator as the diode pack in the one that was rebuilt a few years ago had failed but was charging ok, i got a second one off a member for a good price and was all got so i built one good alt from both, I pulled it down and re-sanded and then polished the housing, painted the core and cleaned the copper

                        Back together and on the car

                        Another mile stone was getting all the suspension back in and the car back on all 4's to let the suspension settle and to do the final adjustments and re-tighten all fixings,

                        Man the whole car needs a f*#kn good clean :laugh:

                        Oil and filter changed, clutch fluid filled and half bleed, Bottom Radiator hose and heater hose all on and with extra Kevlar thermal cover protection

                        Need to get the brake line done up at the diff so can fill and bleed them, Finish mods on the cooler piping, get a new thermo stat housing made up as the original one pushes the hose into the side of turbo

                        A couple more shot of the bay

                        Still some more things to tidy up and finish before a start up vid and the tune but hoping in a coulpe of weeks

                        (Tue Sep 20, 2011)
                        Getting their boys and should be cruising soon 8-[ 8-[

                        I Got Dan (Dr_fc_3s) to drop over last night and adjusted some of the inlet piping as some things were out of wack.. Cheers heaps for all the welding mate i owe you a few drinks at least

                        We cut all of the long pipe's welds off and re-welded with no seams showing (fusion weld?) and replaced the 2.5-3in metal reducer with a straight pipe (just for Ale :P ) and now have a silicon reducer

                        Also had to re-make the turbo out let (due to a small mistake from me when originally did the job) the shape looks odd but internally flow should be good and not affect air speed at all

                        Now to polish them again :roll: :lol: but is good fun getting all black and shit

                        Modified the stainless steel oil drain and welded on a -10 fitting and went to make a new braided line with the (dogie) Aeroflow fitting i got (man i should of never got them as the quality does not compare to speedflow fittings). So i need to get 2 new speedflow -10 fitting and install on the hose now.. Will got them tomorrow and finish that so i can bolt the turbo up for good

                        On Sunday i had a bit of spare time and got the car out of the shed so i could get the ass end in the air to finish the last 2 flare for the fuel line to the bango fittings, i went through all the hard line and check to make sure they seal and ready to do some pressure testing on the system now, every thing is bolted down and the brake line is done and ready for fluid and bleeding now too

                        I ripped off the rear panel (s3 plastic) stripped it all and going to clean it up and paint it the same color as the grill, clean the tail lights and reverse lights (Pic will be up once completion of the restore)... as i am not going to do the rear beaver change just yet as i am just missing drive the car (14 months :x now ) and will be the next major part of the project

                        more soon


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                          Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                          Awesome work! And that color is amazing, what color is it?


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                            Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                            (Tue Sep 27, 2011)
                            Small update

                            Got the speedflow fitting for the oil drain and made up the braided line (well i did it twice as the first was 15mm too short ops: ). So now that is all done i have tighten all oil fittings + all water lines, re-installed the turbo with all the gaskets, wastegate

                            I Polished all the new/ re-welded piping and thrown it back on for a pic

                            Short outlet for turbo


                            I just need to get some new fuel and pressure test the fuel system and lines 8-[ and then it should start this weekend :twisted: [-o<

                            On a side note i removed the back panel as it needed a paint if i am leaving it on the car for a short time so pulled it all apart and getting it ready for paint

                            Going to polish the lens on the indicator and brakes, stripped and cleaned the reverse lights and re-sealing them, polished the mazda badge and painted the Rx4 one, hand polished the outer stainless steel trim


                            After will be up later :wink:

                            (Wed Sep 28, 2011)
                            a quick pic of the painted back panel in shit light condition in the shed

                            looking good

                            one when back on the car

                            (Mon Oct 03, 2011
                            with progress comes setbacks :roll:

                            So fuel system all pressure tested and set at 40 psi at the regulator and no leaks first time (got to love speedflow fittings), went to bleed almost all brakes but on the last front right caliper the bleed nipple snapped off in the caliper before i got a chance to bleed it ](*,). Now i have too remove the wheel and caliper to get the fucker out and replace it #-o

                            On the final install of the thermostat housing the block off for the autometre water sensor cracked the back edge of the housing as the original hole was drilled and taped with not enough meat in it :-({|= ](*,), I was getting another one made but i wanted to get the car running with this unch:

                            I did get the car at a point i could start it, but it would crank and get a puff but not go (almost) sounded good straight from the dump pipe . need to test all the x4 box and spark, crank angle sensor to make sure it is working
                            The LT10s has been in a car before and the tune is way out for the setup and injectors i have so need to get it towed down and tuned

                            (Tue Oct 04, 2011)
                            Got a delivery today :bounce3: \/ :thrust:

                            Big thanks to Juan, They did take a while but well worth the wait :thrust: :thrust:

                            The pic do not show the quality of the finish of the metal (which is almost mirror finish =P~ ) the final piece to finish the bay respray

                            Old Vs New

                            Installed on car

                            (Thu Oct 06, 2011)
                            Originally posted by Fat 4 RE
                            I had a nipple on a caliper snap on me the other month when we went to blead my brakes
                            The brake guy couldnt get the broken part out so i had to buy a caliper.
                            Just letting you know in advance
                            Thanks i will find out tonight as i got some new brake nipples and see how i go, i hope not to replace the caliper

                            Got the bloody bleed nipple out of the caliper, I took 1.5hrs as the ezyout snapped at first and only had a few mm of it to try any other method.. But in the end it is out and did not damage the caliper \/. Got a replacement before i attempted the removal but was given the incorrect one #-o. I also have to check the break master now as all the fluid drained as soon a i undid the brake line (i wounder if the push rod is not adjusted to much and causing it to not seal)

                            Tune is booked in for 15/10.. so i got to get some of this final stuff done :twisted:

                            (Tue Oct 18, 2011)
                            Ok so it did not get tuned on the weekend due to miscommunication with the tuner

                            So i got cracking to find out why it was not starting off the key. The tune in the ECU is not suited to my setup, so with a little bit of help from a few threads on here (mostly bumpstarts input on other threads) i made some changes to the idle maps and timing. Found when i wired up the coils i had both the leading coils going to R1 (my bad) and trailing to R2 #-o, corrected this, gave it a little but of throttle and got this

                            HD vid of start up :thrust: :thrust:


                            Not much but it sounds tough straight from the dump pipe, could not run it for much longer as i still need the thermostat housing modified so i can get coolant in the system.

                            I think i have all the little this almost sorted out, but i will need some heat shielding around the throttle body and brake master to stop things melting...

                            As i am on call this week tune will have to be next weekend now but i have waited this long whats another week

                            (Sun Oct 23, 2011)

                            So not much come in over the phone today so it meat that i had a small amount of spare time to get these final little details sorted out

                            1. Finished off the vac + boost controller lines and run them so they are almost not seen, Made new -8 brake booster line and added a Tee junction before the one way valve
                            2. Installed the last section of exhaust (a prevision if i want to install a highflow cat) The extend port still has some lump but the full exhaust dulls it right down now
                            3. Got a oil catch can (just a cheapo drift one) and installed. Just need to get some lines
                            4. Putting all the tinny bolts and fixing to complete the engine bay
                            5. check over every thing all bolts for the final time

                            Got off my ass and gave the old girl a clean and some dark pic i took a few hours ago

                            got to get the bonnet back on and on a tow truck early this week and
                            Car will be getting tuned this Saturday :thrust: :twisted:


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                              Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                              Originally posted by Fege
                              Awesome work! And that color is amazing, what color is it?
                              Hey thanks. it is very close to the original colour of the car "Jewel Green D8" but when i had it colour matched i think it was a diahatsu color "1G"

                              Originally posted by gypsy
                              Love the colour, its not jewel green, what is it ?

                              What did you end up doing with the brake line ends ? Everyone Ive spoken to hasnt been happy with the DIY flaring tools. Im thinking to bend them up like you have then have a brake shop fit the ends. So many good updates lately... dont know which to look at first 8-[

                              Nothing like a bit of colour to keep the motivation up. How far away is the rest of it, the body on your car looks to be quite good so maybe in the next week or two :-k
                              No its not jewel green but very close, a little more metallic and the 2pak is just a little glossy also. I had the color matched of the fuel cap as the car was painted (top coated) when i picked it up 6 years ago (but is defiantly jewel green "D8" underneath)

                              Once the color match was done i think they said it was i Diahatsu Color (i got the formula codes and think the paint code is "1G"


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                                Re: Fat 4 RE Rx4 coupe

                                (Fri Oct 28, 2011)
                                Originally posted by Dr_fc_3s
                                nothing like a bit of wallet modding
                                Haha you know it

                                Originally posted by Mad71
                                Looks wicked matt, cant wait to see it finished. Interested to know what power it makes too.
                                Cheers mate i can't wait to see what numbers id does (fuck i can't wait to drive it again :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: )

                                After 2 hour in the shed on Thursday night i got the bonnet all aligned, all stopper set, and last little things done

                                Well the old girl got put on the back of a flat bed truck and dropped of to the work shop today \/

                                i took a few happy snaps in the morning sun :wink:

                                More tomorrow :moon: :twisted: :twisted:

                                (Sat Oct 29, 2011)
                                :stupid: yep taking the HD camera with me today for sure

                                after lunch will be tuning 8-[ 8-[

                                UPDATES TONIGHT

                                Originally posted by s1__drifta
                                Bring it!! Cant remember, Is the motor fresh, or is it an all out tune???

                                Vids OR BAN!!! :laugh:
                                No original motor built 14 years ago, all out tune sort of but just a safe tune for now

                                Vids up later

                                Originally posted by HEDAKERX4
                                no updates coz im hoping youre driving it around! Maybe 1 x underwear change so far
                                only a small drive today but fuck i did need to change the underwear after wards :-" [-X

                                FUCK YEAH IS A UNDER STATEMENT

                                So had 2 little issues which we got around 8-[
                                1. the thermo fan was not working off the ECU. so it got hard wired for the tune
                                2. a little oil leak from the s2 oil cooler, at the copper gasket on the bypass valve, need a new copper gasket

                                :twisted: :twisted:

                                So the number went

                                1. Low boost tune on the E-Boost street 240rwkw at 9.5-10 psi @8000rpm
                                2. High boost tune on the E-Boost street 270rwkw at 13psi @8000rpm :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: :twisted: will check the torque number off the vids and stuff later

                                See is boosting at 3000rpm and and full boost by 4000rpm 8-[ on the high boost setting it wheel spins in second @ 5000rpm and is fuck great :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

                                Originally posted by s1__drifta
                                Great results mate, stoked for ya!!! crazy figures for such low boost!!
                                Cheers... stoked is a under statement with the boost is running. not to much timing either

                                so with 17psi it will make 320+ easy but the motor will need different apex seal (only has Mazda 2 piece seals) and a dowel or stud kit

                                Originally posted by frenchy
                                all the hard work and long hours in the shed have paid of for you mate.. credit to your persistance
                                time to enjoy it!
                                love the vinyl roof aswell, you just dont see that anymore..
                                also how attached are u to those rims?
                                Yep many long hours to get it too this stage but today was worth it and would not changed the way i did it...

                                i don't mind the rims but may be it the need to get bigger ones as she steps hard on the 205 tyres :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
                                you like em??

                                (Sat Oct 29, 2011)
                                OK a couple of pics

                                sitting on the Dyno

                                all the power runs

                                268kw at 13psi, 548Nm

                                still waiting on the vids ](*,)

                                (Sun Oct 30, 2011)
                                Dam youtube took ages to upload the HD Videos last night but they are here now so stop ya complaining :P

                                second to last power run 266.5kw @13psi

                                The last run 268.7kw@13psi and 548Nm :thrust: :thrust: