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  • Cosmos: n. harmonious system

    I've been playing this one a bit close to my chest for the last while because part of me still couldn't believe that it might actually happen and another part of me didn't want to jinx it. However, it's now definitely happening and while much hasn't happened yet, it's going to get insane over the next few months.

    This story starts last year when my parents came to visit. I took them to Classic Car Nagoya because they love beautiful old cars as much as I do. While there, my dad saw a little old car covered in primer and completely stripped. Well, he looked at it and said "I'd like to have that." I laughed and said "Me too". Here's the car in question.

    Yes, that is what it looks like (as a side note, the red car filling the bottom corner of the photo is a 432 Z)! As it turns out, while I may have been dreaming of a day I could get my hands on a Cosmo, my father was focused on making dreams a reality. My mother was unsure at first, but I showed her some pictures of a few fully restored models and she was hooked, she suddenly wanted one too. So, a deal was struck up.

    All the pieces are there for this one, it just needs paint and re-assembly. The deal was that Classic Car Nagoya would paint it and then deliver it to my garage, where I'd proceed to reassemble it. Now that is a deal that I can wholeheartedly agree to! So, for the past few days, I've been relocating parts!

    This was peeking out of one of the boxes.

    There were about 30 boxes that I needed to find space for along with a bunch of stuff that wouldn't fit in boxes.

    So I made some leaning towers of Cosmo.

    I also completely filled up one corner of my garage...

    ... and hung some stuff on the wall.

    The dash made it...

    ... along with the epic instrument panel.

    Now some keen-eyed viewers will have noticed that the boxes all say L10A. Some of those keen-eyed viewers might be thinking something like "An L10A is the Series 1 Cosmo, of which there are only 343, but this car can't be a Series 1 because it has the Series 2 nose." Interesting story actually. Apparently, the Series 1 Cosmo had some serious overheating issues due to lack of airflow to the radiator, which is probably what led to the improved Series 2 shape.

    This car happens to be a Series 1 with a Series 2 nose grafted on to help with the overheating. That means that it comes with the 0810 engine and matching 4-speed transmission, the shorter wheelbase, and that huge rarity factor. There can't be but a handful of Series 1 Cosmos still around. I kind of wish it still had the Series 1 nose on it, but finding one of those would be like finding the winning lottery ticket floating around on the street.

    I still need to move some more things to my house like the engine, transmission and rear axle, but for the most part, all the parts have made their way to their new home!

    Expect more updates on this as Classic Car Nagoya starts prepping for paint! I can't wait!

    1967 LT23 Mitsubishi 360 // 1967 L10A Cosmo Sports // 1971 S30 Fairlady Z // 1973 PR95 Bellett 1800 GT // 1978 PA95 Isuzu 117 Coupe // 1979 SA22C Mazda RX7 // 1988 Z31 300 ZX SS

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    Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

    Beautiful and super lucky! I recognized your garage floor.
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      Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

      Following with interest!

      Good luck, parts are super rare and expensive from what Ive seen but such a nice car so it all seems worth it!


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        Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

        Not too long ago I just went thru your whole 360 post and loved it. Can't wait to see how this one goes. Such a beautiful car.


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          Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

          Epic Epic Epic!!! I love Cosmo restorations, they just give me hope that one day I'll own one! Good Luck!!!


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            Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

            Can't wait to see more


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              Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

              Holy cow! I'm incredibly happy for you and jealous at the same time! A Cosmo...ANY among the Holy Grails of Japanese sports cars, let alone an L10A! That's seriously amazing!!!
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                Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                Wow!!! :tu: :tu:
                "Your one stop spot for pre-1988 Honda/Acura parts"


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                  Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                  Thanks for the comments everyone! The Cosmo is right up there with the 2000GT, 432Z, and Hako GT-R in my book (although they don't command nearly as much money as those three). I guess that means I need to buy the 432Z that Classic has sitting in there next, huh.

                  Too bad I don't have a spare 60 grand laying about...

                  Back to the Cosmo, I got to drive an L10B a while back and it was one of the best driving classics I've ever had the pleasure of being behind the wheel of! Here's the one I got to cruise around:

                  I'm really excited to see how this thing evolves. I will have a bit of a hard time putting it back together as I'm not the one who took it apart, so I'm not intimately familiar with how everything should go back together. I'm also going to have to rebuild the engine, so I may need to lean on some of you rotary experts on here for help with that!

                  The more I dig into the differences between the L10A and L10B the deeper the story gets. For example, my instrument cluster has a tachometer that is x1000 instead of x100, which is an L10B tacho. Same for the speedometer, it's an L10B speedo. The seats also have headrests, which means they are L10B seats. I found a really excellent site that lists all the differences between the two here:

                  My quick and dirty translation of the differences:

                  The front grille on the later model is larger, although there are a lot of L10As with the L10B grille on it.

                  Item - L10A - L10B

                  Length - 4140mm - 4130mm
                  Width - 1595mm - 1595mm
                  Height - 1165mm - 1165mm
                  Wheelbase - 2200mm - 2350mm
                  Tread F/R - 1250/1240mm - 1260/1250mm
                  Weight - 940kg - 960 kg

                  HP - 110ps/7000rpm - 128ps/7000rpm
                  Torque - 13.3kg/3500rpm - 14.2kg/5000rpm
                  Max Speed - 185kmh - 200kmh
                  1/4 Time - 16.3s - 15.8s

                  Front Grille - Vertical slits - Large opening with brake cooling
                  Bumper - Long rear bumper - Bumper rubber on front and rear
                  Fender Mirror - Chrome - Body Color ('68/'69 available with chrome)
                  Side Marker - Round - Oval ('68/'69 available in round)
                  Speedometer - 200kmh - 240kmh
                  Tachometer - x100rpm - x1000rpm
                  Hand brake - On passenger side - On driver side
                  Hazard flasher - Not equipped - Equipped
                  Parking lamps - Not equipped - Equipped
                  A/C - Not available - Available as an option
                  Seat headrest - Not equipped - Equipped ('68/'69 not equipped)
                  Assist grip - Not equipped - Equipped
                  Battery - Located in trunk - Located behind passenger seat
                  Brakes - No brake booster - Brake booster
                  Tires - 14 inch - 15 inch

                  As you can see from the pictures, this Cosmo has several things that peg it as an L10B, so this weekend I'm definitely writing down the VIN number and checking it! The story goes that Classic Car Nagoya received two Cosmos at the same time, an L10A and an L10B and the L10B was sold as a parts car. So, if I were to venture a guess, I would say that someone had an L10A that needed some work, so they bought an L10B parts car and sacrificed a large majority of the parts to bring the L10A back to life.

                  At any rate, I will definitely know more by this weekend!

                  Thanks again everyone for the comments!
                  1967 LT23 Mitsubishi 360 // 1967 L10A Cosmo Sports // 1971 S30 Fairlady Z // 1973 PR95 Bellett 1800 GT // 1978 PA95 Isuzu 117 Coupe // 1979 SA22C Mazda RX7 // 1988 Z31 300 ZX SS


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                    Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                    David, the gap between the door and rear wheel arch is the key. That is where the extra body length is. Narrow dogleg, L10A. Wide dogleg, L10B.

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                      Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                      the car is definitely an l10a



                      the space between the door and the wheel arch matches the L10a photo. you got a box of later model stuff. hopefully it all works though. brake lines, drive line, wire harness etc...
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                        Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                        Much admiration to your parents for jumping in financially. I think this is a super smart move!

                        I, too, wish I had a spare $60K laying around- the 432 would be on its way here.
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                          Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                          Camano, I have much admiration for my parents too! I think this car, much like the 2000GT, is a really good investment, but more importantly, I think that my parents are the greatest parents ever because they support my sheer vehicular insanity!

                          Derek and John, excellent eyes! I always wondered where they made up the extra space for the wheelbase change, I should have noticed that earlier. I was too busy fixating on the nose to notice the body difference. I've got a weird mixture of L10B parts and L10A parts but a majority of the boxes say L10A, so hopefully it will all work out alright. The driveline stuff should be alright though because they held on to the pieces from both both cars. They only have one transmission though, but I've been assured it's the L10A transmission. As soon as we can get it from behind the mountain of parts in front of it, I'll double check everything.

                          I fear that the seats will just have to be L10B seats as Classic Car Nagoya definitely doesn't have a spare pair of Cosmo seats laying around. I can remove the headrests from the seats and get a much closer appearance, but they may be all I can do as getting quality L10A seats will be nigh impossible. They might have the L10A gauge cluster hidden somewhere and I may have accidentally grabbed the L10B cluster. When I go in this weekend I'll have a root around and see what I can find. I would love to get my hands on an L10A nose, but that's something that was done before Classic Car Nagoya received the car. I may try to ask the Cosmo owners club here or see if I can find someone that has one at the Nostalgic 2 Days swap meet.

                          It's hard to tell what other L10B parts have been swapped onto this car without going through all the boxes, so I'll tackle those mountains as they come up!
                          1967 LT23 Mitsubishi 360 // 1967 L10A Cosmo Sports // 1971 S30 Fairlady Z // 1973 PR95 Bellett 1800 GT // 1978 PA95 Isuzu 117 Coupe // 1979 SA22C Mazda RX7 // 1988 Z31 300 ZX SS


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                            Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                            i believe garage starfield has a bunch of cosmos for parts or they have parts for cosmos. can check them out if you need things.

                            8-11-2013 gathering salt lake peoples for j tin meet. 8-11-2013


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                              Re: Cosmos: n. harmonious system

                              I'm keen to see how this progresses :tu: