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1973 HONDA CB-125 "the legend"

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  • 1973 HONDA CB-125 "the legend"

    I've just got a classic japanese motorcycle that was famous in our country at the time it be released circa 1972.
    The motor is 1973 Honda of a CB family, CB-125 in red-white colour

    But in reality, this is only one of my collections that the pics can be seen by clicking the link below ... SI%20MOTOR

    here is the short specs of the motor:
    body type : CB-125
    engine type : single cylinder, 4-stroke
    engine capacity : 124cc
    KM on speedo : 24K
    max speed : 140 KmH
    overall condition: pristine, every part is still in genuine, prime condition, including paintwork since it was bought by the first owner

    at the moment I could upload only 2 pics right now but you can still see a complete pictures in my blog ... b-125.html

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    Re: 1973 HONDA CB-125 "the legend"

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