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Any Isuzu 117 Coupes in the USA?

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  • Any Isuzu 117 Coupes in the USA?

    Hello Everyone, I'm a brand new member here and am a big fan of the Isuzu 117 Coupe. After owning a number of British cars over the years (a couple of Triumphs and a Jaguar 3.8 S sedan), I'm tired of burned up wiring and poor reliability. My new goal is to save up for a few years and buy a clean 1970-1974 117 Coupe. My question is, are there many in the USA? Importing one is always an option, but since I live in California the smog and DOT requirements will make it difficult to do so. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    They just might be labeled as "Buick Opels".


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