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9th gen Accord V6 ATótuningó Ktuner

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  • 9th gen Accord V6 ATótuningó Ktuner

    Okay. I am wanting to know a few things about the k-tuner touch v2. This would be my first time doing any sort of tuning on anything at all, so feel free to reply as if I have no knowledge what so ever.
    I want to know if the k-tuner allows me to change anything on my AT transmission computer. I have found a Hondata reflash but want to know if I can use the k tuner to do essentially the same thing as what this is doing, So I donít have to send off the ECU like this is saying. Iíd like to do a few things. -remove speed limiter -improve the shift times -improve the response of the paddles -have the car actually like to be in 1st gear (if the foot is on gas and brake, the car shifts to second, and I can literally never get the car to shift into first unless Iím simultaneously slowing to almost a stop and then mashing on the gas and downshifting at the same time) -tune the ECU to the PCD (possibly coming soon) -tune for cold air intake and exhaust (resonator delete and muffler delete) (also hoping that the car wonít get much louder after the pre cat delete, because I really like the way this thing sounds, itís not raspy or obnoxious) -have the option to disable vcm -have less rev overhang, I feel like this thing takes forever to rev down compared to my old Subaru and our E63 AMG (obviously not trying to match to anything the AMG is but to move towards that would be nice) Etc.
    Can the ktuner help me out with my wants for the transmission? Also, any and all input of all things related to this car, or the tuning of this car is also welcome. Thanks.

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