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Honda Civic 1982 Rally car

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  • Honda Civic 1982 Rally car

    Hello to all of you! I did find his site searching for some info around old Honda Civic and the reason for that is that I did buy a old Honda Civic -82. The car was buildt as a rally car from new car! So it has been a rally car all its life! The car was driven in rallys in Sweden during the 80:s and then just been stored after that! The car is in really good chape and my plan is to bring it back as a historic rally car.

    Is there any of you that know anything about Civic gen2 and rally? I want to know everything It seems that this car is really one of a kind. Gen1 is easy to find as a rally car but not the gen2... Maybe it was not the best car to build a rally car of, so thats why....

    So if anyone have any info I would be happy!

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    Nice car you have there!