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First classic Honda

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  • First classic Honda

    Wow it's been forever since I've been on here. But here is my new Joy.

    1977 Civic 1200
    Kamei front spoiler
    Wheels?? Possibly American

    Engine: 1.2 to 1.3
    Side draft carbs Dellorto Dhlb35
    5sp transmission (81 civic)
    Front & rear sway bars
    Adjustable coilovers
    1981 celica gta
    1983 civic 1500 (DD)
    1987 nissan 200sx (sold)
    1971 celica....rusty

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    Nice ride! My favorite classic Honda is a 1970 Honda Z600.


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      That looks like a great well maintained piece for sure. I love classic Hondas. My grandfather used to drive one. He was obsessed with cars and he owned quite a few classics including a Mclaren. Some of the models he had like an Austin River are expose at Great British car journey and you can always visit and have fun roaming through them. I went with my kid last week and the place was super prepared for all COVID-19 related issues you need to plan your visit which makes it even easier. On top of that my grandpa's car was one of the most exquisite pieces to see and made me proud more than anything else!
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