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1983 Accord Idling / charge issues

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  • 1983 Accord Idling / charge issues

    Hey guys. Iíve never owned a Honda car until I bought this gem. So the issues Iím having is the car will idle fine without any accessories on. But as soon as you turn on the lights letís say it will struggle to maintain the idle. Drops to about 500 or so. Normally idles at 850. Iíve already tested the volts when itís idling normal at 14.58 and when itís struggling. It doesnít read any lower than that. Not really sure what to do. The battery light comes on some times but the volts are always good.

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    Generally it'll do that a little bit, every small engine car does but id suggest going though your electrical system, alternator maybe the culprit not completely sure


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      Check your alternator brushes. Most alternator issues are caused by worn brushes.