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Project S30Z (my Swiss Datsun 240Z 1972)

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  • Project S30Z (my Swiss Datsun 240Z 1972)

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    Im 27 now and im from switzerland and have a love for JDM cars. i allready own two other japanese cars (later models) but with this particular one i kind of fulfilled a dream i had for quite a few years now.

    i was looking for a Japanese car that has a little scene and has a lot of parts avialeble, because it's my first restoration project.. i searched quite long and after i saw a few Z's a the steckborn classic hillclimb i decided it should be a ZED.

    after long searching and looking over several years i made a garagefind and found another garage-find who was for sale on the internet.. the red one (my garage-find) was completely stock but hadn't been used for about 10 years. it had replaced fenders (a few years ago) and was repainted in greed. both engines didnt work... also it was a bit expensive as the first owner still owned it and kind of lost is heart to this car but wasn't able to restore it...

    The second one was a good price, it was allready painted in white (sadly in a really not-fitting flashy pearl-white) lik i wanted it to.
    the car was rebuilt a few years ago but the prevous owner never completed it and due to standing around for a long time it had severall small damages and surface-rust. but the complete big rust spots have allready been repaired and the complete car has been repained. all the rubber parts and bushings have been replaced a few years ago, as well as the suspension struts. all footwork has been sanded and powdercoated. the exhaust mainfold has been metal-plated so it won't rust agian. and the engine has been rebuilt.. also it hasn't got a sunroof as most cars in switzerland (done afterwards..) and the dash isn't cracked. also complete exhaust system has been replaced a few years ago. good things

    but well the bad things:
    front and rear has a dent (well i get new bumpers with the car ), carbs are missing. interieur is horrible selfmade-thing. (Kind of shoe-shop carpet, with blue plush headliner and camouflage decoration... horrible :P

    well and of course a lot of parts are missing. but i think it's still a very good base for a restoration.

    car comes with a 260Z intercooler (very good shape), with a OEM shiftknob (at the monemt an alfa-romeo item is mounted...), a new front lower bracket, a new rear bumper, a rear wing and rear window cover, a set of almost new period-correct könig reclinging racing seats with rails and a set of new mesh-wheels with new tires - great

    i managed also to get all the documents an papers from the previous owner. great - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog

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    i thought i make a new post for adding the pictures, but due to i'm new i need two other pots to post picters.
    this is the second one.. - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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      here it is.. in a few weeks i will pick it up and bring it home into my garage

      the plan is to rebuild it within a few years with period-correct parts. i'd like to make it a bit sportier than it is so maybe the engine and exterior will get a little sport-treatment, but we'll see..

      first i'll have to get the car towed homewards, next i will try to strip it down at home then i think a chassis / Paint-guy will need to check what needs to be done and after that is done i think i will need to assabmle the car to my dream car... we'll see how it turns out and how much time i'll need

      I'll keep you updated..

      otherwise my blog should be daily updated: - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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        oh damn. the pictures are quite big in here, I'll try to fix that soonn.. - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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          yes, little bit smaller size pictures would be nice

          are maybe an auto picture resize tool in het forumsoftware..

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          1972 240Z
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          1977 260Z
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            here we go - pictures have been resized
   - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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              here we go, i added a few more pictures, so you can see all th e small damages...

              Damaged front lower bumper thing

              Pulley seem to be a bit rusted :P

              Paint chipped on the headlight surrounding

              Mesh wheels (new) that will come with the car...

              the könig reclining seats

              rear damage (new bumper will come with the car)

              tank lock

              front suspension

              trunk inside (see the blue plush... sucks!!)

              ignition wires and more parts missing. paint on the valve cover
              sucks too....

              new exhaust in the back

              front damage close-up

              more from the horrible interieur-job....

              the almost new s60Z radiator that i will get with the car too
     - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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                nice find! the carpet job is horrible indeed

                1970 C30 Laurel
                1972 240Z
                1973 610 Wagon
                1977 260Z
                1995 Micra
                1999 200SX


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                  You should send that carpet Stateside, to the infamous Yuta...nothing goes with Sharpie'd fenders like some '80s carpet. :tu:
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                    good find, you have your work cut out for you though. The red and gold underneath the car is interesting. Are there many parts locally for your build, or will you have to find most off the net?


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                      thanks guys

                      @ gts-retro: Well the Z has worldwide a lot of fans so i believe there should be a lot of parts avialeble. also a few z-specialized garages in switzerland still race with the Z so i believe they may have a few spareparts and sparepart-donator-cars in stock.
                      but i have good connections to japan so i try to get some hard-to-find aftermarket parts (all period-correct) for my car and of course i think i will need to order a lot of small parts from the big z-shops and ebay, but im pretty sure i'll be able to source all of the parts i need somewhere
             - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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                        hey, the world is so small with internet

                        I'm also in Switzerland (Neuchatel) and own a 240z.

                        I went to see your car in february this year with a friend who was looking for a Z. I remember the car was partially restored (like the powder coated frame part, new floor panels) which is good but you still have a lot of things to do on it. If I remember well, the inner part of the rear fender was not repaired properly where it joins to the fender.

                        Was the seller still proud of what he called sperm white color paint? :?

                        In Geneva the Nissan garage Promocar is very capable to order 240z parts. I can tell you who to ask. Most other Nissan garage don't bother looking for parts for such an old car or even don't have the parts list.

                        You can contact me if you want advices.
                        Keep us updated with the restauration of this Z, I'm interested.
                        Good luck
                        1973 euro 240Z


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                          HI MItX,

                          haha, how small the world is

                          im from schaffhausen but currently in montreux for a few days

                          THanks for the input. As the car is currently still at the current owner i hadn't have the chance to check it in detail, but im sure it was a good car for a good price, but also was shure that it will need some repair, repaint and a lot of work done. but that was exactly what i was looking for.. not too much bodywork to do, but not an expensive car that was restored in a way i don't like it

                          well the seller of course wanted me to know that the colour was more expensive than any standard colour but well i didn't really like the colour and at least he didn't call it sperm white to me

                          of course i'll keep you updated. in about 1-2 weeks i'll get the car home and then i start.. currently im searching the internet for good parts sources and manufacturesrs and already found a lot of interresting things.. we'll see
                 - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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                            A few days ago i ordered a little magazine from Japan like i usually do for my project cars. it's called G-works magazine.

                            It's a magazine by the Sun-A group (Same company that also makes the option magazines) And usually features a lot of cool japanese cars, parts, projects and information. I ordered this particular magazine because this issue was dedicated to the famous Office tomitaku S30Z.
                            And also these magazines usually feature a lot of Ad's from japanese tuners, restoration companies and shops where to get good and cool parts from. and so it was

                            I also ordered a How-to book here in europe but it hasn't arrived yet. On the weekend the project will continue

                   - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog


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                              So - here we go. the project finally begins
                              today i was out to get the car towed home. and that was exactly what we did. after about 2hours of driving we arrived at the place the car was stored.

                              look how innocent she looks unter the central-swiss morning sun :

                              we loaded the car onto a trailer and went directly to the owners place where he stored a lot of other nice (european and american) classics and builds-in-progress..

                              there we picked up the seats and some box-new mesh wheels he had mounted on his other crazy widebody-S30. I found out those are MSW wheels and are designed and manufactured by OZ wheels. and was suprised how light those wheels where. anyway. i'll get something more JDM for her once other things have been done..

                              Finally we arrived at home after another 2hours of driving and unloaded the car in front of my garage. on the picture below you arleady can se the "new" MSW
                              Wheels mounted on the rear. looks pretty good i think and makes the car straight cooler istead of those rusty steelies

                              Seats, wing, wheels, spare-rearbumper and radiator also unloaded and placed in front of the garage..

                              because i haven't managed to clean up my garage and get the space for this Z and the parts i decided to keep it outside for a few days. but im pretty sure there will fall a few raindrops so i decided to close the missing windows and holes with a bit tape and trashbags

                              A Friend of mine showed up and he works at the local car-registration center, so he knows a lot about rust and oldtimers and checked the car. he told me there must be a lot of filler underneath the wheel housings and things, but otherwise it's in really good shape and has no bigger rust spots. exactly what i expected to hear. great car hope to get some things done this weekend, but im not sure

                              Next big tasks will be to change the two front wheels to the newer onces, so i can throw those badass steelies. then i will begin to clean out the car on the inside with a load of nitro and sticker-ex then i think the car is much mor accessible and we'll see whats up next
                     - My real JDM RHD EK9 & S30Z Project build Blog