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New member with an R30, Z31 and D21

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  • New member with an R30, Z31 and D21

    New here but have been modifying cars for a long time. Active on some other forums but since I have gone full force back to Nissan from BMW, I wanted to start a thread here.

    I just took delivery of my 84 R30 Skyline that I found myself in Japan and had imported here through a local broker. It took 5 months to arrive but I couldn't be more pleased. It is very well built with tons of high quality parts and is resprayed with a quality job in Millenium Jade. It's the coolest car I have ever bought and I have some plans for it which include a lower wrap for 2 tone, RS Watanabe wheels to replace the Barramundi's and some other cosmetic changes.

    The real project has been my Z31 which is at 2 years under the knife. It's getting a ton of custom sublte body work and the engine is the most extensively built N/A RB ever to my knowledge. The car now has an S14 rear subframe with PSM arms etc, FEAL coilovers, RS Watanabe wheels, Bride carbon/kevlar seats and a host of other items that I will elaborate more on soon.

    Lastly, my bad weather DD is a 95 D21 I have had for 5 years which now has about 90k miles. VG30 V6, 5 speed and 4x4. I swapped the front end for 87 Pathfinder parts along with the mirrors and door handles. Added a roll bar and Toyota specific SCS F5 wheels with Toyo Open Country using Nismo longer studs, hub rings and smaller open ended nuts.

    A few pics to get it going. Looking forward to participating in the community here and so glad to be back with the marquee that started my love of cars as a child when my dad built 510's, 240z's etc. I just turned 40 and it's taken me over 10 years to get back into modifying Nissan's.

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    The Z31


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      Last but not least, the D21


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        very nice. Do you know anything about what ECU the R30 is running?


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          Where is "here" ?


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            Very great looking car!
            driving directions


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              I love the R30
              P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe



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                NICE fabrication !