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1988 Nissan Van GXE

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  • 1988 Nissan Van GXE

    Just wanted to share I have just acquired what I believe to be the only pristine example left, stateside.

    48,000 original mile, fully optioned, recall survivor:

    (Yes, the in dash fridge still makes ice)
    I've wanted one of these vans since I was a kid, and it inspired my design for the Nissan NV2500 Van when I became a car designer myself.

    I remember, when I was a teenager, working in the Arizona desert at the Nissan proving grounds, (unrelated to my career at Nissan Design later) thousands of these vans were parked out by the high speed oval; miles and miles of them, as far as the eye could see, because they were recalled and came from all over the continent to be destroyed.

    I used to walk between them and look at all the baby seats and artifacts inside left behind and discarded. Always thought it was a shame that such an innovative design got a bad rap.

    I'm so thrilled we can use one to help inspire and have some fun with. It's kind of a dream. More to come as she gets detailed and photographed.



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    Is this the same vehicle shown at the JCCS Long Beach last year?


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      Originally posted by MikeRL411 View Post
      Is this the same vehicle shown at the JCCS Long Beach last year?
      I don't think so; I would be surprised if the seller brought it all the way from Phoenix. But I will definitely show it next year!