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Garage Find :: 1987 Pulsar / EXA in storage since 2003

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  • Garage Find :: 1987 Pulsar / EXA in storage since 2003


    I wanted to reach out to the community here about a Pulsar I just rescued: A 1987 Nissan Pulsar NX that's been in closed storage since 2003; Part of an estate. 87k original miles, and in lovely, factory correct condition. I saved it from being destroyed by California's anti-vintage-car incentive program. I plan to put some money into it to get it up and running, and will share that process here. The car is dusty, but very nice.

    I will know more about it as my mechanic spends some time with it. But if you're interested, or know someone who is, please share this post, or contact me. I don't really have room for another car, but I just didn't want to see such a pristine example of a delightful Doug Wilson design wasted. In my humble opinion, this car is one of the most thoughtful and interesting designs of the 1980's and belongs in the Museum of Modern Art.

    Best, unnamed-3.jpg


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    Nice she a T Top,5speed?
    How much you are looking to get for the car.


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      Pulsar Progress: Does anyone have a blue center console or other blue items they'd like to part with? We are in disassembly phase, and I'd very much like to replace some interior components while we have them out. This carpet will be spotless soon, but man oh man, what a dirty girl she's been!


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          Pulsar Progress: Who knew so much Nissan fits in a Honda! Thank you toRaymond M. Atanante for helping me raid this lovely blue interior car today. Still looking for a blue tweed front seatback, but we have made massive progress today in resurrecting the little garage find car. It will soon have a spectacular interior.


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            Pulsar Progress:

            Bought this Calsonic-owned experimental car today with buddy Mike Parente. Will use the SE wheels, factory stereo and various trim. Now the exterior deep cleaning can begin. New tires when finished. In my humble opinion, this configuration (XE front bumper with SE wheels) is the most proportionally well balanced, and closest to how Doug originally sketched the car. I'm in Pulsar Paradise here!


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              Here is a video showing the latest progress on the Pulsar NX restoration:


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                Great video, I'm following this restoration with great interest.
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                  Hey folks- A quick update that the Pulsar is just about finished. She made her debut at the Automobile Driving Museum's "Shift and Drift" Show. I was honored to be be asked to judged the show, so Miss Pulsar couldn't be considered for an award, but I do believe she was quite happy to be amongst friends and her kind! Please enjoy!


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                    It's nice to see someone else restoring a Pulsar. I have an 83 Hatchback (4door) and you just don't see these cars anymore. Have fun with your project, I love the old sportback pulsar's!