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Hello from new 1971 skyline owner in UK

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    Yeah I really like the look of the spoiler. It seems to balance the front out. I must admit even before getting the car I had committed in my mind to fit the spoiler.
    Next is going to be stainless steel exhaust system. I had to bodge up an exhaust to get me through the MOT. I had to remove the centre box and fit a straight pipe to the back box. It actually works and sounds fine (not loud) but it does resonate at certain revs. I'm going to order a Fujitsubo tubular header. I thought about getting the rest of the system made-up by PipeCraft as it's a bit tricky getting the system sent from Japan due to the length. I was going to go for a true dual system front to back. In prep for possible webers or ideally Mikunis in the future.
    I'm still trying to source some wheels I like. I'm going to stick with 5.5 wide. I made the mistake of ordering some TwoGates Alley Cats 14x7 but 7 inches is just way to wide, so they will be going back up for sale.
    I did manage to pick up a bargain competition steering wheel. I can get my foot off the clutch without my knee contacting the wheel now.
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      Originally posted by KiKiIchiBan View Post
      Loos better with the boiler fitted

      been drinking again sir ?

      Good score on that steering wheel.


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        What's the latest? Been out enjoying this sunshine recently?
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          Hi All, sorry to drag up an old thread... and sorry for disappearing on you all. I've been working hard to make some s to spend on the Hako. I took it out a total of about three times over the summer. Anyway onwards and upwards. I've always felt the clutch didn't quite feel right. So I took the gearbox out and it's kinda snowballed into a bit of a refurb of everything up front and some new shiny bits.

          So gearbox is now out.

          I'll be giving it a cleanup and blast it with baking soda. I bought a cheapy sand blaster off ebay, filled with baking soda it cleans ally up very well.
          While the gearbox is out I've decided to rebuild it. It had a whine in 1st, 2nd and 3rd but dead quiet in 4th so it must have a noisy countershaft bearing. Thats my thought anyway. Rebuild kit is only about 60 with synchos so might as well.

          Clutch is a bit odd. The pressure plate looks much older than the clutch. Actually the clutch looks quite new except the glazing/ burning on one side. Also it's a decent amount smaller than the pressure plate on both inner and outer diameter. I wonder if someone had a a clutch disc laying around and put that in at some point. I've sent the flywheel off for resurfacing. I'm trying to decide what to put back in. Might go Exedy.

          Bellhousing is a bit oily and it's not from the gearbox. Looks like it's coming from the rear crank seal. Probably not helping the clutch.

          I wanted to give the engine a bit of a clean up so next....

          I didn't have an engine stand so I quickly welded one up. I've tried working on an engine swinging from a hoist before and it's just hard work. Although of course I can't do the rear seal on the stand
          I'll be giving this engine a clean up and some fresh paint. Check the timing chain (might replace) plus anything else I can think of while I'm there. Oh I'll remove the sump and repaint. Just a visual on the bottom end bearing as this engine runs very well

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            I'm now left with this. It's a good opportunity to tackle some surface rust in the engine bay.

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              Ahhh those pics are so small... How do I fix that. I have pics of new bolt on goodies....


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                Originally posted by Hako1971 View Post
                Ahhh those pics are so small... How do I fix that. I have pics of new bolt on goodies....
                The forum uploader seems to shrink pictures. Would need to be uploaded externally and linked over like to Flickr
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                  Ah ok I'll give that a go tonight.


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                    I'm hoping these puppies should give me a few more vroom vroooms

                    I know the FAJS carbs have some mixed reviews but I ended up buying a couple of sets of worn out webers. Got fed up and took a gamble on these. To be honest they look very good. I've had them to bits and checked them throughout and they seem ok.
                    I've heard the jet drillings can be a bit off but if thats the case I have weber jets I can put back in.

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                      Good to see work in progress. Are you doing all the work yourself?
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                        Originally posted by KiKiIchiBan View Post
                        Good to see work in progress. Are you doing all the work yourself?
                        Yes.... I'm a cheapskate so all by my own hands lol.

                        I've soda blasted the engine today, soda works so well on cast ally parts. It's very messy but the rain this afternoon took care of the mess.

                        I've also started removing everything from the engine bay now. I thought it would be a good opportunity to respray the engine bay and tackle some surface rust which will become a problem further down the road in our climate. Someones brush painted some of the bay to tidy it up but to be honest it makes it look worse. It looks like my car bay have been the darker bronze silver (if that was a factory skyline colour) or it's just old discoloured paint.

                        I noticed a leak from the steering box output shaft while I was in there so I'm pulling the steering box out too. Can't quite work out if the column needs to come out with the box as I'm having trouble separating the column from the steering box.

                        I did consider fitting a corsa B electric steering unit, but I'm not too sure. Bit of a shame to have a vauxhall part on my skyline.

                        I'll be replating some of the parts in Zinc yellow passivate while I have them out. Headlight back plates for a start. They are a bit rusty on the back. Oh I'll be welding a few of the metal wire retainers back in place also. Two or three of them broke off they were so rusty.

                        Just some random pics from today. I took these so that I could see the routing for wiring etc.

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                          Nothing cheap about it. I'd rather do all the work myself, I don't have the time, tools or skills to tackle most jobs but I do what I can when I can. Have you got a zinc plating kit too? Seen some online that have good feedback and not too expensive. Might try one myself when I get to it.
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                            Oh plating, funny you should mention that. I've been doing my own plating for a few months. I mainly do it to stop things rusting away but it can really tidy components up. It's pretty easy to do to be honest. You just need to be a bit aware of the chemicals you are using. It has an alkali and an Acid dip which have obvious hazards, but also the yellow passivate is carcinogenic due to the chromate ions in it. So as long as you are suited a booted with gloves, goggle and coveralls it's ok.
                            It's a bit like painting, everything depends on the preparation. The metal your plating needs to be extremely clean.
                            I use an electrolysis bath to remove rust.
                            From this:

                            To something like this:

                            Bit of elbow grease and a wire brush will take it to this (sorry it's a different part, but went in the bath just as rusty):


                            Then the part gets put in alkali, acid pickle, plating, then passivate with rinses in between all.

                            Results are:


                            The plating takes about an hour. If you want a really smooth finish you can sand the zinc smooth then passivate. These parts are hand brake components. After rust removal you can see the second part is slightly pitted, but plating it I know it will last another 20-30 years hopefully.

                            The only thing I'm not too sure about at the moment is how the plastic/ nylon headlight adjusters on the back plates above will cope with the acid pickle. I can't remove them and I can't find anywhere that sell them either.
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                              ... also did a few more bits recently. Got the last couple of bits out of the engine bay.
                              I got the steering box out. I didn't realise the inner shaft is fixed in the box. I was trying to separate it at the steering box. If you ever need to replace the seal you could quite easily do it in situ if you have a puller for the pitman arm. The seal for future reference is 29x40x7mm AS type seal. You can just hook it out with a small screwdriver once the pitman arm is out of the way.