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Why Japanese Use 'Nippon' for Japan?

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  • Why Japanese Use 'Nippon' for Japan?

    Hi Everyone!

    In my opinion, the Japanese also use Japan for their country because my US-based Japanese friends used this term, but my stay in Japan made me wrong. I noticed that locals here use a particular term "Nippon" or sometimes "Nihon" for Japan. In the beginning, I thought it is the old name of Japan, but now, I am trying to explore more about these logics. I found that the meaning of Japan, Nippon and Nihon is the same. Yes, I found the following articles which claim that all these words refer the same meaning "The Land of The Rising Sun".

    However, I still confused between these logics. Likewise, many people say that it was Marco Polo who use a little different word for Japanese land. On the contrary, many experts also claim that people pronounced Japan in their own ways. For example, Korean call it Iibon, and Malay people call it Jepun. Do I understand it in the right manner or story behind these names is different?

    I would like to know how you guys pronounce and call Japan.
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    Marco Polo used "Cipango".