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Where to find best UberX fares

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  • Where to find best UberX fares

    One of the many great things about being an UberX driver is that you are your own boss, the rideshare transportation industry, has recognizable patterns. No matter where you are operating in the world, your understanding of these patterns can help you maximize opportunities for revenue!

    Below, you will learn some of the known patterns identified by drivers that can be used for UberX and other rideshare businesses.

    Many methods are available on how to find the highest UberX fares and also increase your revenue. Each one has a different focus, though they are all intertwined.

    You need to know your local market hot spots. Is there an airport in your town? A college? A local bar, train station, or bowling alley? Be sure to frequent high traffic areas where someone might need transportation

    If you’re in a big city, or even a small town that just has several public or private schools the next recognizable pattern for increased success is traffic. Where to find best UberX fares

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