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Climate alarmist claims rising heat will cook humans to death

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  • Climate alarmist claims rising heat will cook humans to death

    More nonsense from the climate change clowns.

    Global freezing in the 1970s didn't happen, global warming in the 90s didn't happen, now its "climate change" .

    Climate change scientists are funded by the government, climate change journalists are paid to sensationalise it.

    The media loves to scare us with lies. remember the Aids virus? peak oil? It never ends.

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    Also check out the great global warming swindle documentary. see the other side of the story the media won't show.


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      Definitely not global warming, this 'summer' were having in little Britain has been shockingly poor. Climate change, maybe, it's a lot wetter than I ever remember it. I've not studied weather trends or cycles, but in my short 33 years on the planet, I can feel the winters are milder and the summers are wetter.
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        the climate is always changing. always has, always will. We go through drought (especially here in Aus)., we go through heat, cold etc.

        Most of these alarmists don't seem to take into account, the massive ball of fire in the sky, that is in control of the temp.

        We actually had one of the coldest days on record here in darwin a couple of months ago. Darwin is a hot part of australia.


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          good vid.