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  • Importing a car TO Japan

    Hi guys,

    First of all, my names Seb, and I came here from the awesome Project B article.

    Now, I know some of you are probably going to hate me for this as it's a classic car forum, but I have a question in regards to an Audi. I've scaled the web for anything I can find but can't seem to find any decent information about the process and costs of importing a car to Japan and thought some of you might have experience in this if imported models from abroad.

    So first of all, the car is a 2005 Audi TT Quattro Sport. It's a UK limited edition model, so will be a future classic and collectable. It was also my late fathers, so would like to keep it. I've managed to find two quattro sports online in Japan, but they don't have the Reccaro seats and are different alloys; so the car will truly be a one off in Japan.

    The information I have so far (in order):

    1 - Export car. (What I am planning to do is export the car from the UK, it will take about 5-6 weeks, and during that period I will do all the other paperwork).

    2 - Must have a parking spot secured. Can I rent parking spaces or is it easier just to get one through property? Then get parking space certificate from local police station?

    3 - Car arrives at the port. Then what? Do I have to get a recovery truck to pick it up and take it to my car spot? OR is the Shaken done at the port? When do I register the car? I don't understand this part.

    I presume Shaken includes; inspection and road safety certificate thing, insurance, road tax.

    4 - Get a number plate. Again, how does this work? Is it delivered to your house and then you go put it on the car?

    5 - Drive a happy man.

    6 - (optional?) Get car insurance. Fully Comp or 3rd party, whichever I can.

    As you can tell I have no clue. There are also bits missing I think, for example I have to get a de-register form or something when I export it from the UK and also bring some other forms with me. I need to look into it more.

    I contacted an export/import company, but they want 1200 for shipping (which seems reasonable I think - from UK to Tokyo), and then quoted 500,000-600,000 yen for the Shaken, registration and insurance etc. To me that seems a bit high.

    Any help however is appreciated. What steps did you take? How did you get it done?
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    Hello there, 1200 seems a bit high for RoRo shipping, unless that involves moving to/from ports and handling of customs. I've only gone from Japan to the UK. There is an agent for parts who I speak to who imports classic car parts from Europe into Japan, he may well have done entire cars.
    I'll PM you his email address.
    Don't worry about the Audi, my daily is one, newer than yours but slower too.
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      Definitely keep this thread updated! I've always been curious about the process of bringing stuff into Japan.

      I only have experience importing from Japan to the US, even then its very minimal since the majority of the hard work was done by someone else over-seas.
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        Now a days there are many shipping companies available. Their freight rate is also not same. Some of them offering very good price so its better to contact them and by comparing the service and freight cost select the best one. Besides many export companies in Japan opened or arranged their own freight or shipping process. You can brows their site and can contact them directly for better and accurate answer.


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