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  • hypocrite celebrities

    Haha, so true! Leonardo DiCaprio, foolish hypocrite!!

    Celebs call everyone else racist for not taking in violent refugees, but will they invite them into their houses??
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    climate change is fake news

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    What about Larry David in Curb Your Enthusiasm?


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      George clooney, like most actors, hypocrite!

      His views are like his occupation. make believe, fairy tale.

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      climate change is fake news


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        katy perry, you are a fool!
        Yes open the borders and let more terrorists in, great thinking.

        seriously, what is wrong with these people??

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        climate change is fake news


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          you guys are awesome!
          wish there were more like you guys, unfortunately there are to many ignorant people in this world...
          does anyone think that katy perry or anyone else that think like her would tear down their iron gates and walls on their own properties?
          maybe the "super rich" should buy some houses next to them so that they can provide for "refugees" and immigrants?
          i dont think so...
          useful idiots.