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  • Hi All!

    Hi all,
    New here but I've only owned old school Japanese cars. My first car being a 1977 Te31 Corolla in 2007. Owned all throughout highschool and part of college until aqcquiring a 1987 Mitsubishi Starion, which I battled trying to fix up for a number of years until recently. I know am now starting to begin resto-modding my originally Corolla lol. Will post pics shortly of both soon, glad to be part of the group :-)

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    Here is my corolla when I got her back last year. She returned to me with a little more rust and a little rougher around the edges from when I left her. But still as reliable as ever


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      Here she is after installed some Jdm style mirrors, one of the original door mirrors was knocked off by a goat when I was 16 lol