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Hello from Hungary!

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  • Hello from Hungary!

    Hello everyone!
    I finally registered after browsing JNC for quite some time...
    I bought my first car one year ago, a 1980 Datsun Cherry N10 (Datsun 310, Datsun Pulsar N10...)
    I always wanted an old Nissan and I found one for dirt cheap, so I decided to save it.
    Sure, I had dreams when I was younger about finding a rusted down S30 or an S10 Silvia and saving it with my dad, but thats impossible to do in Hungary... it was a miracle finding this little Cherry in the first place, cause old Japanese cars are really rare, and they dont really have a large following here.
    Its not fast, its not rear wheel drive, and its not the cleanest,, but I love it!

    Its still stock, except for a wooden steering wheel and a set of Switzerland-only option Melber alloys for the E10 Cherry

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    Hello from the UK, welcome to JNC. Nice Datsun.
    P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe