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    New guy here from Connecticut and I just wanted to introduce myself to the forum. I have a 1988 Honda Accord LXi coupe with a b-series engine swap and I have had the car since my senior year of high school (2000). This car and I have gone through a love/hate relationship and everything in between. Up until the summer of 2017 it had been sitting in a garage for 5years untouched as I needed to take a break from throwing money and time at it. Anyway, last summer I got it back running and now that I my life is in more order I am ready to start getting back into it and enjoying the car. However, now 34 it seems I have either gotten really old fast or the car scene is just so different than it was that I feel like a fish out of water. When I go to Honda specific meets or just import shows in general everything looks the same and a lot of the stuff that I appreciate in a car is no longer important to people. When I go to a cruise night that is primarily muscle cars I am scoffed at. So I am looking for a new home!! I am mainly a Honda enthusiast, but I am a fan of anything with a motor and wheels, but more importantly something that someone built with their vision.

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    Welcome to JNC
    P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe