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Hello from the Philippines!

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  • Hello from the Philippines!

    Hi to all!

    I am Angelo, 21 years oldm from the Philippines. I am currently studying, taking up Mechanical Engineering. I got my love for JNCs since I was a kid, blame Initial D for that lol. That AE86 was what got me into JNCs. And fast forward to the present...

    So, it was during the Christmas break that I joked around buying a car. And I did. She's a Nissan Sentra, a 1989 model to be exact. She has bits of issue, like rust, busted up suspension, but other than that, motor sounded healthy, so I gave her a new home.

    It's been three months now, and so I joined to meet new people, gain new knowledge, and strengthen my passion about JNCs more. Wish to know more in this forums~ Thanks a lot to you guys, in advance! And to the JNC forum admins, thanks!