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Emanistan & the green Sunny

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  • Emanistan & the green Sunny

    Hello. This is my first post on this site, and here is my baby:

    20170923_181938 by emanistan, 20170622_121922 by emanistan,

    Literally all my life--and I'm 43--I've dreamed of owning and restoring an old car, but until the last year or so, I've never had the money or the space to even think about it. A B210 has been near the top of my list of dream cars for the past 10 or 15 years. These cars with their funny soccar-ball shaped hubcaps made a strong impression on me as a child, and these days seeing a picture of one instantly brings me back to my childhood in Santa Cruz in the 70s. I had no intention of shopping for a car during a fateful trip to Pick & Pull in Redding back in February when, on my way back to the register, I scanned the cars in the holding area and spotted the distinctive little green roofline behind some other cars. I asked about it at the counter, and to make a long story short, within two weeks she was mine.

    Here she is at the junkyard:

    20170226_094856 by emanistan,

    and shortly after getting her home:

    20170301_112116 by emanistan,

    and some of the journey so far:

    20170328_122757 by emanistan,

    20170622_121739 by emanistan,

    20170629_124254 by emanistan,

    20170923_181512 by emanistan,

    20170930_194217 by emanistan,

    She really is in remarkably good shape, and if I were richer than I am, I could probably have her up and running and looking like a showcar in a month or two, but being the poor slob I am, and with no background in auto repair, it will be a slow journey bringing her back to 100%.

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    Welcome to JNC, lovely car you have.
    P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe


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      Thanks KiKilchiBan!