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  • Hello from Japan

    My name's Matt, I've recently acquired a 1982 Celica XX GA61 with 102,000 original km. I'm the third owner, it was garage kept, and is pretty much mint. It is in dire need of a drivetrain transplant. I already have a steady stream of parts coming for it. I always had a soft spot for the Celica-Supra body with the hard lines and the long nose. The interior isn't too dated considering most cars in '82 were super boxy inside.
    Clean as a whistle with 103,000 on the clock I was never a fan of the two tone.  It has the side markers that went away when they switched to the wrap-around corner lights. Vents in the rear quarters unlike the US spec Supra that had reflectors here.

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    Hi Matt, welcome to JNC. Where in Japan are you? You must have some cool pictures of JNCs on the street from car meets. Post them up.
    P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe


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      Hi, I'm in Okinawa. I see groups of JNC's cruising on Sundays usually if the weather's nice. I don't have pics, I'm usually driving and haven't gone to the meets yet. Most often I see old RA25 Celicas, Hakosuka and KenMeri Skylines, with a few scattered old Crowns thrown in. I'll have to touch base with some of them and get some shots.


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        hi nice to meet you
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