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Hello from a portuguese Datsun owner

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  • Hello from a portuguese Datsun owner

    What's up guys?
    My name is Rafael and I'm new to JNC forums. I'm from Portugal and I'm 18.

    I love cars ever since I was a little kid. I like a bit of everything, Impala's, e36's, old Porsche's, Volvo's, you name it xD
    Besides that, I have a big spot in my art saved for japanes cars, speacialy the classic ones.
    I'm also into drifting and film making. In the future, I hope to add an AE86 to my garage.

    Enought of that, now, let me show you my two cars:
    (sorry for the poor quality of pictures, I can't upload better ones)

    An 81' Datsun Sunny 310 van, my daily driver. image_2404.jpg

    And my project car, a 73' Datsun 1200 4 door sedan.
    Currently getting a deserved restoration and a fresh new look. _mg_0314.jpg

    In japan we trust
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    Welcome to JNC
    Love the 1200 4 door.
    P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe