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Checking out some Japanese classics for rent in Vegas at RentJDM

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  • Checking out some Japanese classics for rent in Vegas at RentJDM

    I'm not sure if anyone's posted about this before but last week I had to take a trip to Vegas for work reasons and when I had some time to kill I decided to check out RentJDM near the Strip. In case you haven't heard of them they're a new business that offers rentals of a good selection of authentic JDM cars. Among the cars on offer are a Hakosuka Skyline, a Kenmeri, various R32s, a Midnight Purple R33, JDM versions of the NSX, Supra, and FD RX-7, various kei cars, a Nissan Figaro, and the headliner being a Motorex R34.
    Unfortunately since they just opened only an R32 and a Suzuki Cappucino were available for rent. I had been hoping to try out the Hakosuka since I'd never driven one but it wasn't available. I did get a ride along in it though and their office itself is a very cool place to go to if you really dig JDM cars. It's set up like a mini museum showing off the various cars with Japanese-themed murals, a mini arcade, RentJDM merch, and vending machines with JDM snacks really adding to the atmosphere. It's like a little slice of Japan in the middle of Las Vegas.

    The rentals are pricey but it's a measly 10 bucks to go check out their office and geek out on all the cool cars and that fee is waived if you buy 25 bucks of merchandise. I ended up getting a nice Kenmeri shirt and a signed copy of Craig Lieberman's book on his work on The Fast and The Furious franchise.

    Here's a video if you're curious about the place plus some pics. I'll be posting more info when I have time on my blog at

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    How long did you rent the car? fall guys

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