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  • Frist Gen Crown Majesta

    Hello! I am under agreement to purchase a first generation Toyota Crown Majesta this week. I was hoping to find info about keeping it on the road - mostly hoping to learn what wear items cross over to "similar cars" in the US such as the Celcior (LS400 Lexus here) or Aristo (GS300 here) or perhaps the last few years of Cressida (i think 1991 was the last year for us).

    Items of concern are brakes (pads rotors) oil filters (figure a 2jz oil filter is the same from any 2jz car) bearing ball joints... stuff like that

    THere are things i have never even considered in all the years I wanted a JDM sedan until now that i've "got one" on a handshake... Windshields? HUGE item that was never available here... air suspension... no US car was similar enough (to my knowledge) that a regular strut/spring could be put on to "get me bye" until I located an air strut..

    Just would like to chat about this. I dont plan to drive it more than a couple thousand miles per year, but it is old...



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    Your location ?


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      Hi! Far northwest New York State. 380 miles NW of ny city near the Canadian/PA border

      Part of my problem haha