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Nissan 720 restoration

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  • Nissan 720 restoration

    I am getting ready to do a cosmetic restoration on my ‘84 Nissan 720 pickup. Is there a good source for trim parts? I am trying to locate some NOS seat vinyl and some exterior plastic. Thanks so much god any help.
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    If you’re considering a unique project, something that’s cheap and will reward: consider a Datsun 620 or a Datsun 720 pickup truck! Think about it: everyone knows about Toyota’s trucks and there are plenty of examples to be had. What if you want something that is rare while still having enough popularity to have most parts available for order. Both the Datsun 620 and Datsun 720 pickup trucks are rugged, cheap to work on, look unique and, in the case of the Datsun 720, could have been assembled in the United States.


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      Maybe you can find replacement ones on ebay and amazon.


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        It is still necessary to take care of the fact that if you decide to make an update it is necessary to review what traction fluid you buy for the car. I just know by hearsay from a few acquaintances that they know how to pick up this fluid incorrectly. This is a real problem among many motorists of our time, they do not take into account the brand, age of the car, engine condition and so on. That's why I recommend you to read the information about dsg transmission fluid on your example and already then determine for yourself what you are going to buy. For example, I can say from myself that I'm taking the Overall Rated Pick now as it is recognized as the best for a reason, as it is ideal for old cars that already need more careful treatment. But here you can already see for yourself, there are a lot of different options, pick up according to the situation. Good luck.
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          Have you looked at an auto parts store?


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            I think these parts could be accessed easily from a local shop. Yes, I have personally purchased many auto parts from the local shops here, but after this Covid-19 pandemic, I prefer online sources. You can see these parts at Amazon or JapaneseVehicle's online store under the Nissan category. By the way, if you want good quality secondhand parts, then you can also find them from auto parts stock of Hy2Japan, and yes, you would discover several exteriors and other parts of the vehicles under Nissan tag.

            In the same token, you can also contact with any international auto parts retailers, but I am not happy with the shipping and other charges. That's why you should prefer to pick a local auto parts provider either you are making a deal online or offline. Best of luck for your project.