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  • JNC "Daily" driver - Poll

    Hi guys and girls,

    We're thinking about purchasing a JNC as our second car


    - This second car won't be driven often (let's say once per week - 10 km). It will be mainly used by my wife, as a back-up transport.
    (she rarely drives, as her work is just 2 streets down the road) Fuel consumption is not an issue.
    - We already have my car (a lease), which is used for almost all activities (work, weekends off, getting groceries, ...)
    - We're located in Western Europe.


    #1 It has to be reliable. I would even consider a carburator to be not reliable enough, as I can't risk having my wife to tweak the choke valve in the winter times.
    #2 LHD
    #3 Somewhat nostalgic (pre-1993), ofcourse preferably Japanese.
    #4 Manual gearbox.
    #5 Needs to be able to carry 2 adults + 2 children in booster seats. [Unfortunately, this rules out all the nice Miata's and MR2's... ]


    - A/C would be a very-nice-to-have. [I don't care about power windows, power steering, ... though]

    All suggestions are welcome


  • #2
    Welcome to JNC!

    I've got no idea what cars we're imported into LHD European companies. But if it were me looking for all those things (but I live in an RHD country) I'd be looking at a Chaser.

    Guess you can find any Subaru in LHD if you want to go down that route.
    P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe