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Old school car stereos?

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  • Old school car stereos?

    Now that I've got my AE86 looking and running alright, I'm turning my attention to some electronics (sk engineering white face gauges and east bear power mirrors going in soon). Next up is swapping out out my current set up for a nostalgic deck. I'm thinking a pull out Alpine tape deck (or possibly a cd but it would have to be the 7909 if I can afford it). I saw some peeps modding these old school decks to have aux inputs or blue tooth, all while keeping the OG aesthetic. I'd love to get my mitts on a matching "dancing lights" Alpine graphic equalizer as well. Something about the soothing green lights Alpine was known for back in the days makes me nostalgic for my youth. Haha.

    While I'm fantasizing, I want some Pioneer rear deck lid speakers (6x9 and the light up "Carrozeria").

    Anybody else at this point in their build have pics or other suggestions? Nakamichi made some dope stuff as well as McIntosh. I'm going for vintage look, sound fidelity in my shaky and loud Corolla isn't going to really matter. Haha

    JNC staff, any plans to do features on classic automotive stereo systems? They were a huge part of car culture here when I was younger. The freshest cars were slammed on proper wheels and had a BOOOMING system. Alpine decks reigned supreme up here but Pioneer and Kenwood weren't far behind. I'm sure other peeps would love to hear stories on this subject? Woot.
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