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  • JNCs In Anime?

    Hi everyone, long time listener first time caller here.

    So I've just discovered an anime called Dimension W in which the lead character drives a Toyota 2000GT! Especially cool in a world where 99.9% of cars are electric powered. I'm up to the third episode and the car features regularly. So if you enjoy seeing J-tin in your cartoons be sure to check it out. There are also more modern day Japanese cars shown in the junk yard next to his garage.

    Anyway I was wondering if anyone else had anime suggestions that feature JNCs. Particularly lesser known titles, such as another one of my personal favorites, eX-Driver. While the main team doesn't drive Japanese cars (although a Impreza does feature in the first episode) there is still plenty to be spotted.

    So please reply with your favorite J-tin starring anime titles and see what happens.

    - HD

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    Obviously Initial D and Wangan Midnight spring to mind.

    Never heard of Dimension W, not really an Anime fan but watched the above for the cars. The 2000GT:

    P510 Bluebird SSS Coupe


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      Since this is JNC, Yoroshiku Mechadoc is 1980s JDM to the max. I think there was an article on the main page at one point.
      Youtube has a few clips, I've not been able to find whole episodes except on DVD from Amazon Japan that wants an arm and leg for shipping.

      If you're Italian is good the whole series can be found on Youtube under the title A Tutto Gas. Some of the names are rearranged.


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        Old thread but anyway a useful one.


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          I am also a big fan of anime because it is a whole new world for those who cherish great storylines with the right style of animation. Anime leaves your eyes with awesome visuals that are impactful enough to last forever and plots worthy enough for rewatching. The main reason why I like it is that the story plots are the most prominent thing about animes. The writers have my heartiest respect for the work they do. They write such interesting plots which make the viewer caught up in it. People feel and live the movement just as the characters do. I use to watch it on KissAnimie all the time and I don't think that I will give it up on it ever.
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            Good question, gonna pay attention to it since now