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  • Prince S54 history help

    Ok, this all revolves around Bens pic of the S54 Nissan sent to SoCal with a few others from Zama back in 2013? Anyway , the steering wheel shot.......
    I've copy&;pasted from my response in Kens excellent article; Prince Skyline GT Buyers guide


    Going back over this article, Ben's Pic of the No.39 S54B tribute car steering wheel........ that centre piece, if indeed it is as the cars raced, is particularly intriguing!
    1: it's a 5 speed (possibly as added later in the originals racing life?)
    2: Why the reverse pattern?
    Originally I just thought " yeah, great idea with the old ZF copy box'o' cogs." From experience the dog leg O/D with reverse above was so different to anything I'd experienced, sad to say I buzzed reverse more than once while rowing through that pattern.... So I thought when I saw that pic it was just that, an "in your face" reminder whilst racing that this box was different........ but that different?!? reverse pattern? Or is my experience sadly lacking? Does anyone recognise or can otherwise explain the pattern There are some pics around of the amazing attention to period correct detail the restoration team at Nissan went to during this car's build. I find it hard to believe these guys would have let a goof or flippant change like that leave the premises?!?
    Someone put this Prince tragic out of his misery?!

    I realise it may be just one of those changes deemed unimportant in the bigger picture of getting some exposure for a time in motorsport history that is currently enjoying a broader audience around the globe...and doesn't reflect the historical reality (wouldn't be a first , would it?!) but as some who know me will attest, I love the finer details of the history of our chosen.....obsession? , and would like to see as many properly researched facts recorded here.
    On that point what better place to start a record of the History as we know it of the S54 series? I've gathered a bit of info from 1964~1968. If you are like minded or otherwise interested in keeping the record straight...let's give it a go!
    Prince & Skyline spoken here!
    プリンス &スカイライン ここで話さ!

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    somebody get alan t. to chime in


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      old school topic about old car


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        Mayholand is a troll !


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          Originally posted by MikeRL411 View Post
          Mayholand is a troll !
          And shall be deleted. Thanks for the heads up
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