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  • Street Scene Pictures!

    Hello Everyone, I don't know if a thread like this was already created but I'm sorry if it was. Please inform me if this thread topic was previously made. I would like everyone to submit Old school street scene pics(Specifically the 1980s and previous years) from all around the world. If you have nostalgic street scene pics from your country or state..Please post them. I will start by sharing a pic of the Honda Dealership named Shasa in Haiti in the early 80s.. you will notice a Red Subaru Leone Wagon, Two Datsun 120Y 4 door sedans(one orange and one green), Blue Datsun 140j Hatchback, Datsun 620 pickup regular cab, White vehicle on the far right reflection of the window looks to a Toyota Hiace, Brown car looks to be Fiat Polski(Non Japanese vehicle. Lol I remember my dad telling me stories of him visiting the Dealership showroom just to see the 1st gen Preludes, Accords, TN360 pickup trucks, Civics, and more haha. My father was an avid Car enthusiast and still is till this day. He's the man that deeply got me into cars.

    Thanks Everyone.