Dogs Love Vintage Hondas

If you like dogs and nostalgics, this Honda Dog wallpaper gallery has everything you need. Full gallery after the jump.

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  1. coupeZ600 said:

    Hey Ben! I went down to Showcase Honda a while back, and asked about that sweet low-mileage ’79 Civic. Ended up talking to the guy (Mike) that sold it to a collector for the on-site asking price of $5950. He’s kind of their expert on the vintage stuff, so after I gave him my last sticker, he told me he’d give me a heads-up on anything cool that came in before they listed it. If I don’t want it, I’ll let you know ASAP, so hopefully we can keep the next one out on the street where it belongs!… Cool pics, what’s that Cabriolet thing?

  2. banpei said:

    That Honda City cabrio has the same widened body as the City Turbo I. Is it a factory cabrio or a converted Turbo I?

    Anyway, my desktop is now a dog with a Honda City! (city… city… hondahondahondahonda… Thanks! Now that song is in my head again!)

  3. Ben said:

    coupeZ600 – that’s good to hear. Thanks for spreading the word about JNC :). That Cabriolet thing is the JDM convertible model of the Honda City I guess folding top takes the space for the Motocompo!

  4. Toyotageek said:

    HaHa! Thats cool!

    Hey Toyota, why do you do something fun like that for us! 😉

  5. Jack said:

    allow me to submit the first pic for the toyota’s and dogs. haha. here’s my ae86 and my daughter’s little dog. he’s actually not quite that scrawny.

  6. Ben said:

    Ha, nice pic Jack 🙂

  7. leongsoon said:

    I actually prefer these wallpapers cormpared to the “babe with cars” kind. Is it wrong? LOL, nice wallpapers!

  8. Ben said:

    Lol, absolutely not. Not all of us want to give our coworkers the impression of being pervy 🙂

  9. toyotageek said:

    LOL – cute dog Jack!

    🙂 Babes, dogs, whatever… as long as there are cars, right? 😉

  10. GEN2TWINCAM said:

    Hey! Dogs do inded love vintage Hondas!

    I’ve got a nice photo of my Bedlington Terrier behind the wheel of my 82 Civic. She asked me if there is a place I could post it for her. 🙂

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